Verona outfit diary

I was lucky enough to spend a few days exploring the beautiful Italian city of Verona and I am a sucker for city break fashion. Here is my diary of what I wore day to day on my holiday (also keep your eyes peeled for a vlog and blog post about my trip)

DAY 1 – City Break

Our first day was spent wandering the streets of Verona. I knew I wanted something cool and comfortable but I was so inspired by the colour palette of the gorgeous buildings I couldn’t not wear this dress from New Look. It’s such a flattering length on my legs and didn’t stick to me in the boiling sun. Easy breezy as I like to call it. I opted for comfy shoes to get me across the cobbled streets and the rose gold stripes on these trainers matched my dress so perfectly.

  1. Dress – New Look
  2. Shoes – Adidas
  3. Glasses – Debenhams IMG_2838-1

DAY 2 – Poolside

Would it really be a holiday if you didn’t spend one day lounging around the pool. Our second day was spent doing just this. I absolutely adore this swimming costume from New Look. It has padding for my chest and synchs in slightly at the waist to give me such a flattering figure. Extra important to remember to put suncream on under the chain at the front though as no one wants a burn in the shape of a ladder running down their boobies now do they!

  1. Costume – New Look
  2. Glasses – Debenhams IMG_2840-2

DAY 3 – Lakeside

Seeing as we were only an hour out from Lake Garda we decided we would be stupid to miss out on seeing its beauty. I knew we would be out walking all day so I wanted to protect my shoulders from the sun and didn’t want to wear anything tight or uncomfortable. This dress was absolutely perfect. It’s thick enough to save my skin from burning but was so loose and floaty that, if I’m honest, I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything at all.

  1. Dress – Pretty Little Thing
  2. Watch –  M&S
  3. Glasses – Debenhams IMG_3111-2

DAY 4 – Sweet and Simple

Sometimes you just want to keep your outfit sweet and simple. I love the combination of the white and denim and think the blue trim on the top really ties the outfit together. We didn’t really have a set plan for this day so I thought this outfit would be perfect as it was comfortable enough to move around in but also made me feel put-together and girly. Lets be honest, you can never go wrong with a classic white tee and a bit of denim can you!

  1. Top – Zara
  2. Skirt – Topshop
  3. Glasses – Debenhams IMG_3148-2

DAY 5 – Traveler

If you haven’t gathered by now I am all about comfort when it comes to clothes and especially when my day involves a lot of traveling. This jumpsuit is the perfect transition piece as it is chic enough to wear around the city but the wide legs also means you can nice and comfy on your flight home. I would’ve been lost this holiday without this little rucksack as well. The colours goes with everything and its the perfect size to fit in all your essentials without feeling like you’re carrying around the kitchen sink everywhere you go.

  1. Jumpsuit – Stradivarius
  2. Rucksack – Accessorize IMG_3187-2


Every evening we found ourselves in out hotel bar playing cards and drinking cocktails. This was my favourite outfit of them all, firstly because it matched the colour scheme of the building so well! It is definitely a piece that can be dressed up easily with some jewellery and a pair of pretty sandals. The colour is so complimentary with my hair colour and I find wrap dresses to be so flattering. A 10/10 all round!

  1. Dress – New Look
  2. Glasses – Debenhams IMG_3025-2

If you want to see what I got up to in more detail here is my vlog of my trip too!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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New fashion buys – SUMMER 18

For a split second the sun finally decided to make an appearance here in England and as a consequence I decided it was time to top up my wardrobe with some new summery pieces! I have been loving warm toned shades recently and wanted to try and carry those through to summer as well as mix in some new patterns to brighten up even the darkest of colours. I don’t know if it is just because I am getting older and more grumblier (if that is even a word) but I find around the summer months the ratio of amount of fabric to price seems to get disproportionate but I did manage to dig out some bargains. If I can find any of them online still I will be sure to add the links in (not affiliate just helpful)

Jersey Polka Dot Shorts – Pretty Little Thing DSCF4354-2.jpg

I cannot deny it anymore, I have a major addiction to polka dots. It is my favourite trend recently so when I saw these shorts I instantly fell in love. I think they will be perfect for a day at the beach or even a theme park because they are so light and comfortable. I paired them with this long sleeve black top because its not quite baking hot here yet but seeing as the shorts are simply black and white they could be paired with any colour/style top. I cannot wait to take these on holiday and chuck them on to head down to the pool and still feel dressed up enough to be able to head out for a bite to eat or a cocktail (or 2).

  1. SIZE = 8
  2. COST = £8
  3. find it here

Rust Button Through Dress – Pretty Little ThingDSCF4383-2.jpg

For the past few years now I have always admired t-shirt dresses but felt that I didn’t really pull them off myself. That is until this little number fell into my shopping basket one night. It is beautifully light and flowy but the buttons and frilled sleeves still give it an element of structure that I think is so flattering. Not only will it keep me cool but it will also mean I can eat all the ice creams I want without having to worry about bloating (score!) It can be dressed down for the day with some sandals or trainers but then I think would look equally beautiful with a belt to synch the waist in and some heels for a night out. I think the colour is stunning and hopefully will look even nicer with a tan…a girl can dream!

  1. SIZE = 8
  2. COST = £22
  3. find it here

Floral Print High Waist Bikini – New LookDSCF4324-2.jpg

Seeing as high waisted bikinis seem to be all the rage recently I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. I found this beauty of a bikini on New Looks website and instantly fell in love. The whole high wasted trend…I get it! It is so flattering and surprisingly comfortable now I wish all my bikinis were in this style. The top provides good support and the straps can be adjusted or removed if you prefer a bandeau style. Forking over £20 for an amount of fabric that would even cover one of my legs did feel like a bit much but it is amazing quality and something I can see myself bringing out every summer.

  1. SIZE = 8 (top) 10 (bottoms)
  2. COST = £20 overall
  3. find it here

Navy Striped Jumpsuit – PrimarkDSCF4390-2.jpg

I have always found the Primark in Norwich to be a bit lacking in nice clothes – so much so that I find Primark hauls annoying to watch because how do people find large amounts of such nice things in there?? My opinions were changed however when I found this jumpsuit. It has culotte style legs that go to my mid-calf and comes with a nice matching belt to synch you in at the waist. If you haven’t gathered already I like floaty/comfy clothes in summer and this ticks both those boxes. I love the pink and white pinstripes on the navy background and can see myself reaching for it instantly on days when I want to look like I’ve made an effort when in reality I have just rolled out of bed.

  1. SIZE = 8
  2. COST = £13
  3. find in instore (sorry!)

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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