Crafty Creatives Subscription review

FullSizeRender-1After a long day of university I was so excited to find a Crafty Creatives Subscription box on my doorstep. Growing up I was always looking for new things to make and create so being sent a box of crafts was like a childhood dream for me. This box was the an autumnal dream with 8 sweet woodland creatures you can make to hang as bunting or on a tree. The box arrived with an adorable information card showing you the cute little felt critters that you can make as well as all the instructions and supplies you need. DSCF2919.jpg

The animals themselves were surprisingly easy to make. First you have to cut out the paper outlines which would then be used as stencils to cut out the felt shapes. There was a step by step guide on which parts to sew on when followed by at which point you need to stuff the little sweethearts. The animals varied in difficulty, some were made up of only 2 different parts and others up to 6. I would be lying if I said I made them all myself as I had some help from some flatmates who couldn’t resist a good bit of arts and crafts. squirrell.jpg

The final outcome was so adorable as well as versatile. Seeing as it is still a bit too early to start decorating the christmas tree we are currently displaying our woodland friends on a piece of string above the TV. As soon as December rolls around however our tree is going to be filled with these little buddies. One thing I found really amazing about this kit is not only did it come with more than enough felt so you definitely wouldn’t run out but the stencils and instructions could be used over and over again to make as many crafts as you want. Its works across all medium not just felt, however if you want them to be stuffy then felt is definitely the best option. FullSizeRender.jpeg

The box retails for £15 and can be found here I am blown away with the quality of this box and, even with my limited sewing skills, the creatures look like something we have bought from a shop. It was so nice to just kick back and be creative whilst shutting off the technology world (I literally sound like my mum right now but every word is true). Plus we are going to have the most adorable christmas tree ever!

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Unibox review


I am now going into my final year at university and I would say I have this whole student thing down to a T. So when an email popped into my inbox from the lovely Daphnee at Unibox ( I thought it was a match made in heaven.

Unibox is a monthly subscription box tailor made for helping students get through another crazy term. They have a varied price plan where you can pay monthly for £21.95 a month or pay for 3 months, 6 months and up to a full year at a discounted prices. As far as value for money goes, which seems to be key with subscription boxes, the box is valued at over £37 so you are definitely getting over the worth of the box in products due to the sheer amount that you get (6-8 products). But that is enough of the technical talk time to open the box up and see what goodies are inside!

All of the products included in the Unibox

I was blown away at how accurately Unibox had managed to cover the aspects of being a student. For me there are 4 main ares of uni life that they have covered perfectly – drinks, snacks, mental health and beauty (as well as a bit of organisation). On the top of the box was a zine that contained, not only, information about the products inside but also tips for surviving freshers, cheap meals to cook and some funny fresher fails.


unibox photos3.jpgPukka Matcha Green Tea – Lets all be honest here, when I put drinking and student in the same sentence I am sure you all instantly thought alcohol but (rather wisely) Unibox has thought more about the drinks you’ll need to recover a morning after a night out. If you couldn’t tell already by the name I am a major tea fan and green tea is amazing for cleansing out the gross hangovers. If I am being honest I am not the biggest fan of the taste of green tea but with a drop of honey this one was delicious!

BE Juice Drink – Walking around Lidl you will most likely add some chocolate and bread to your basket but sometimes those pesky vegetables just don’t seem to make the cut (even though we all know they should). This BE drink will be a perfect way to get some of your 5 a day in whilst also tasting lovely. In my first year of university my diet was horrendous and something I really came to regret when my health and mental health deteriorated. A drink like this will be the perfect little boost alongside those steamed vegetables which I have now come to love.

unibox photos4.jpgMunchy Seeds – Being a student comes with an eternal hunger that never seems to go away. Be it 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning I am always pining for a snack and in previous years I have reached for the honey flavoured munchy seeds. In the unibox I received the omega sprinkles flavour that I imagine will be lovely in some ready brek (yes I do still eat ready brek) and a great way to get in some nutrients that your  body will be craving.

Rhythm 108 Chocolate Brownie – My sweet tooth did a little happy dance when I saw this in the box. Chocolate brownies are one of my favourite things on this planet! When I saw that not only was this bar was considered to be good-for-you (how true that is I am unsure but it is gluten free and with no added sugar) but it could be heated in the microwave to make a gooey chocolatey dream my whole body started doing a happy dance!

unibox photos.jpgWarrior not Worrier Iron on Patch – To begin with what a cracking slogan that is! As I mentioned earlier in my first year of university I suffered badly from anxiety so I loved seeing that this box includes products that support help for mental health. I am not quite sure what I am going to do with the actual iron on patch but it did introduce me to a new clothes brand, Maison de Choup, in which 25% of proceeds goes to the charity young minds.

Unibox Goal Planner – I am a sucker for stationary but add a tropical print on there and I am in heaven. This gorgeous planner is tailor made for you to set yourself monthly goals at the beginning of each month and then review at the end to see if you completed them. Look wise this is right up my street and it is also very practical. I put it under mental health because I tend to find its easier to keep my anxiety under control if I have a structure and something to work towards to keep me motivated each day.

unibox photos2.jpgOptiat Hangover Coffee Scrub – Out off all the items in the box this is the one that intrigues me the most. It is peppermint scented and claims to revive your skin and perk up your mood after a night out. My acne gets horrendous around freshers week due to the stress, the alcohol and the crazy amount of makeup, face paint and glitter that goes on my face so if this can help that then I am all for it. The smell is something I am not the biggest fan of but if it does what it says on the tin (or the plastic bottle in this case) then that is something I can overlook. After testing it out I can say it did help to freshen up my skin but I must be honest and say that I used it the morning after a night out rather than, as it suggests, the night of simply because all I wanted to do was get into bed!

Mighty Razor Holder – I would say this was the most random product in the box but it does serve a good use. It is not something I would necessarily go out and purchase myself but after having it in my shower for a couple of days it is actually quite handy. It sticks to any shiny surface without leaving any marks so there are no fears of losing some of your deposit for damaged walls. This might be useful for the bearded ones amongst us who need to keep a razor more to hand than me.

DSCF2848.jpgUnibox Card Holder – I didn’t quite know what category to put this in so I made it into its own category. There have been so many times on nights out, or even just going to uni, where I want to bring my phone but don’t want the hassle of bringing my purse with me. This card holder sticks to the back of your phone and then has a pocket to slot in whatever you might need – ID, Card, Uni ID. Genius!

Overall I am very impressed with the Unibox and the range of products in included. Each one served a very useful purpose and I can definitely see myself using everything that was included. The unibox website is here if you are interested and I would really recommend checking them out (especially seeing as the next box is Hocus Focus themed if you sign up by the 16th October!)

ALSO Code BLOG5 will give you £5 OFF your 1st order (so go get that halloweeny student goodness!)

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