I want to be a travel blogger…

It wasn’t until this day, my 8016th day on earth according to google, that I really understood what I want to do with my blog. For the last year I feel like Out of Tea Bags has been a pot luck meal, will it be a fashion post, some kind of advice post or a lamb chop this week? Who knows (spoiler alert: not even me).

After a late night facetime with my brother, who is currently somewhere up a mountain in Canada, and listening to some very inspirational podcasts by Twins That Travel I realised that my favourite thing to do in life is just to do something. Whether that is jetting across the world on holiday or just going for a walk in a field out the back of my house I have such a passion for exploring and trying new things, something that doesn’t come across on my blog.

Yes I love fashion but I am only as fashionable as any girl with an ASOS account. Yes I like handing out advice but in reality I have as much common sense as a toddler. Yes I love design but to me that is more of a job than a passionate hobby. So what does that leave me with?


From now on I will be focusing Out Of Tea Bags on my travels, my experiences and all the destinations that I will hopefully explore. I won’t be going half way across the world daily but I am going to challenge myself to try something new every week. If that isn’t possible then I want to delve into the world of the amazing things that I have gotten up to in the past – I mean are there a tonne of people who can say that they have zip-wired over a volcano in Costa Rica? or seen their own dad get married in a treehouse in Kenya? Can I sound any more pretentious if I tried? Will I stop with these rhetorical questions?  The answer to all those is probably not. So those experiences are what I now want to focus on.

I will still be adding in touches of the other things I love through outfit diaries or amazing artwork I find in a city but this will now be a space filled with travel posts, holiday stories, travel advice/reviews and just a space to grow with me as I experience new things.

Plus I thought it was time to make this whole “Out of tea bags” phrase actually have a meaning! So I will add in a cheeky review at the end of each place with a review of their cups of tea – clearly the most important facts.

Let me know if you have any suggestions of places for me to add to my ever-growing list of destinations and I hope you are as excited for this change as I am.

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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New bedroom decor and tour

Over the last few months I have not only moved away from my student house in Norwich but also sold and moved out of my childhood home. All this change called for a fresh start and I decided to work so hard to make my new room perfect for me. I spent a few weeks collecting some new bits from a range of stores (mostly Primark) and finally it is all in place and I couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out. My new room came with inbuilt wooden wardrobes that take up all of one side so I mainly focused on decorating the other side and my bed. I decided to go for a mustard and dark green colour scheme as I thought it would compliment the furniture the best.



The bed itself is from M&S and I think the neutral headboard colour blends in so well with the heavy wooden furniture. The mattress is also from M&S and it is so comfortable I literally spend hours at work dreaming of getting back into it!

All of the bedding is from Primark which is one of my favourite places to go for homeware. Technically the dotty side of the duvet cover is actually the reverse (on the front there are loads of bright colours and patterns) but I think it is so subtle and cute. The fluffy blanket is so soft when you wrap up it is like having a cuddle from a teddy bear, the only warning I will have about it though is it moults…a lot. At first I thought I was going to go wild with hundreds of cushions but in reality I just put them on the bed probably once a week, when I can be bothered to make my bed, and other than that they sit on the floor. For that reason I went for 2 that I really loved and can easily chuck on the bed as I run out the door in the mornings.



Seeing as I don’t have much shelf space I had to limit all my items down to things that I really loved. This record player used to be in our lounge but there wasn’t any room for it in the new house so I decided to adopt it for my room. It is such a beautiful piece and I love the sound it produces. I got the Disney artwork books for Christmas one year and they are so stunning to flick through. Next to that is my scrapbook which I will do a blog post about soon! I couldn’t find a lamp that I liked so I decided to create my own by simply adding some fairy lights to a large mason jar. I think it fits in so well with the theme and lets out the most beautiful light when it is on.

I bought the HAPPY print at a market place in York and the colours could not fit in better with my theme. I love using prints and designs to brighten up any space. Of course I couldn’t have a green theme and not get a plant in there somehow so this fake leaf plant is from Primark and it came with the stunning mustard glass jar. I do want to get some fresh flowers in my room at some point but I don’t seem to have any luck at keeping them alive. For ages I was debating what to fill the empty wall space with but I just couldn’t find any designs that I liked so I decided to make my own. The heart frames are from the British Heart Foundation and I just spray painted them cream. For the design inside I bought some cards with artwork on from the V&A and then used my label maker to print off a quote I love – “she designed a life she loved”. I think they turned out so well and really fit in with the natural/vintage look I am going for.


I couldn’t be happier with how my room turned out. I am now just waiting on some blinds and I need to finish off my dressing table then it will be perfect!

What are your favourite places to get some room decor?

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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New Autumn fashion purchases and style

When it comes to fashion autumn is by far my favourite season. I love the warm tones and cosy fabrics that make you feel like you’re still wrapped in a duvet. As soon as the stores started flooding their shelves with jumpers and pumpkin coloured everything I was in my element and couldn’t resist a little splurge. Here are a few of the new pieces I picked up and my favourite ways to style them.

  1. Leopard print

I know I know I am about 3 seasons late to this trend but I can finally say that I am a leopard print lover. I was quite hesitant on this print to begin with as I found it to be quite garish and out my comfort zone but that all changed when I lay eyes on this shirt from New Look. It was hidden on the bottom of a sales rack and I felt like I had just won gold at the Olympics when I got my hands on it. It is a few sizes too big so I chose to tie it at the bottom and seeing as it is a busy print I simply paired it with black jeans and boots. I think this look would be the perfect day to night transition outfit as the shirt is smart enough for work but can also be made more playful for a night out on the town.


  1. Orange tones

I have never felt more ‘Blair and Serena’ in my life than I did in this outfit and for that reason alone I love it.  I found this gem of a skirt in Primark and I think it is the perfect “autumnal leaves” colour and can warm up even the darkest of outfits. The leather look material looks so sleek and sophisticated it could be worn to any occasion but I think it would be a perfect outfit for a romantic walk through the park. Seeing as the cold winds are definitely starting to pick up I paired it with this high neck top and hat, (both of which are also from Primark). Who knew Oliver Twist could become such a style icon!


  1. Bright shades

Even though autumn is known for being cosy and quite subdued I think it is also the perfect season for a pop of colour.  Every shop in England seems to have some sort of red or green jumper in stock but I fell head over heels for this one in Primark.  What better way to cheer up those inevitable rain days than with a bold top! It is thick enough to be warm but not so thick that you’d melt on those rush hour underground trains (if you know you know). Seeing as it was such an out-there colour I paired it with these grey patterned cigarette trousers that have a slight red check running though them to tie it all together.


  1. Fluffy fabrics

From teddy bear coats to fuzzy socks softness is everywhere and I couldn’t be happier! It is the perfect season to just walk around shops stroking things on the racks and once my fingers got stuck into this grey jumper form Primark they never left. I can’t explain it any other way than it is like wearing a cuddle. I chose to pair it with the same trousers as the previous outfit just to show how much of a difference colour and texture can make to a look. Instantly this outfit feels cosier and makes me want to snuggle up in front of a bonfire – smores anyone? I think that is what I love most about autumn; outfits are so adaptable and can work for any occasion just by swapping out a bag or a top.


  1. Accessories

For each of these looks I kept the accessories the same so I just thought I would mention them quickly here. I love anything black with silver hardware as I think it goes so well with anything and also matches all of my every day jewellery (rings from Pandora, a market and Ashes into Glass, necklace from Thomas Sabo). When it come to bags especially I like having one staple bag that I can just grab and go no matter what I am wearing and this cross body one I got in a market in Verona is the perfect solution.

There we have it! I can almost guarantee that I will be wearing these outfits in rotation over the next 3 months but hey when something works why change it right? What are your staple autumn favourites?

All photos were taken by the lovely Alix who can be found here and I couldn’t recommend her more for anyone looking for a photographer!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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Testing new autumn makeup

DSCF2463.jpgHello lovelies, I’ve got something that is a bit out of my comfort zone today because (in comparison to most bloggers) I am no beauty expert. Regardless of this I still love makeup and am starting to experiment more with new products. This week I popped into boots for some shampoo and ended up leaving with £40 worth of new products, typical!

I decided to do a first impression of each of the products and thought that I would take you all along with me. (Just to reiterate I am far from a make up guru so I apologise for any mistakes I have made)



  1. Rimmel London Insta Duo Contour stick in Light/Claire – £6.99
  2. Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express in Black Drama – £7.99
  3. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Dependance – £8.99
  4. NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals – £16.00


DSCF2504.jpgI have never really tried a cream contour stick before but I really loved the consistency of this one. It was very easy to blend out and didn’t feel drying on my skin. I found the contour shade to be slightly to orange for my skin tone but once it was blended out it was nice, the highlighter on the other side though I was rather disappointed with! When swatched it was a very pretty shimmery champagne colour but once applied on the face it just blended out into nothing! I had to apply some powder highlight on top to give myself the glow I was after.

DSCF2488.jpgNormally I stick to nude lip colours as I find red/pink colours seem to make my blemishes stand out more than I would like! This time however I pushed the boat out and went for this berry red colour and I love it. It applied very evenly and wasn’t drying at all like most matte lip colours are. I found it stayed on for a long time, after a meal out I did have to reapply it but I think that’s the case with most lipsticks!

DSCF2485.jpgI was drawn to the red shades when buying the NYX palette, I saw it as a dupe for the Naked heat palette. Even though the shadows weren’t as buttery as the urban decay ones are, it applied really beautifully and didn’t take many layers to build up a good colour. It has a greta range of transition shades to bold smokey colours. The metallic shades are also a good variety from gold to pinky shades and (once a bit of setting spray was used) they came out really pigmented!

DSCF2441.jpgIn my life I have tried a lot and a lot of Rimmel mascaras and, I have to say, this is one of the best! With one coat my lashes were already twice the length and thick enough to be noticeable. The wand is big enough to create volume but not so big you feel like you’re sticking a feather duster in your eyes! I found it slightly clumpy but I think that might have been my rookie error of not letting the layers dry before adding to them.


DSCF2481.jpgI am so happy with how this looked turned out! I think the red shades from the palette tie in really nicely with the berry lip. Once blended out the contour shade became very natural looking and with the help of some powder the highlighter did start to glow! What do you think of the overall look? Have you tried any of these products?

DSCF2428.jpg(Just a little extra) My heart necklace is from Thomas Sabo, the paw print necklace is from Debenhams and my flaming t-shirt is from Stradivarius.

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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I opened a shop!

DSCF2933.jpgHello there lovely people. Some of you may know that I am currently a third year Graphic Design student (I am getting old!) who also has a major love for illustrating. For about 2 years now I have been drawing away in my bedroom, hardly showing anyone what I had been working on, and just getting more and more addicted to doodling. I viewed them more as a stress reliever for me but once I uploaded a couple of photos to twitter, in a blog chat a while ago, I started to see that they actually might be something people would be interested in.

I started to think about selling my prints but knew that they were too time consuming, alongside university, to hand draw individually! Once I started to learn more about graphic design I realised I could scan my drawings in and turn them into digital art which I could then print out for friends and family (see where this is going) so I got a lil bit excited. This year I have decided to bite the bullet and put my artwork out there on Etsy (my etsy shop)  and thought I would show you some my favourite prints on here…

disney frame
Everybody’s favourite mouse
mermaid frame
A beautiful mermaid
bulldog frame
An adorable french bulldog
panda frame
A chubby panda
tree frame
A christmas tree
halloween cat frame
A cute halloween cat

I hope that you like them and if you are interested in any of them (or want to see what else there is) here is the link to my shop – OutOfTeaBags

I would really like to thank those lovely bloggers who really showed an interest in my work and inspired me to get a shop open!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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