Disney on Ice with Ocean Florida

Around 2 months ago I was having a mundanely average morning at work when a message came through that nearly made me spit tea across the whole desk. The lovely team from Ocean Florida invited me to watch Disney on Ice at the O2 with a bunch of other Disney loving influencers and from that point on my day went from zero to hero (I will try and keep the Disney quotes to a minimum promise!)

Christmas came and went, New Years flew by and before long I was on the jubilee line with my invitation in hand and ready to watch my favourite films be bought to life on the ice. We gathered at All Bar One and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starstruck by the other Disney influencers I was able to spend the night with (All of whom are as genuinely lovely in real life as they are in their videos!) I had such a pinch me moment as I didn’t feel big enough or important enough in the Disney community to deserve to be there but everyone was so welcoming and it made me proud of my little blog and the opportunities it has bought me! Enough of the self love speech though, let’s get back into the actual show.

Each more excited than the other, we followed the Ocean Florida team to their box in the stadium, which was decked out with the most amazing looking cakes, and after a bit of mingling took our seats for the show. As someone who has as much skill and grace on the ice as Bambi I was blown away by how effortless and talented the skaters were. The show opened with Minnie and Mickey and then progressed to tell the key parts of a range of classic Disney stories like Moana, Tangled, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. If the skating and stunning costumes weren’t enough they also had some amazing sets and visual effects like snow and fire (which still puzzles me to this day in all honesty). Instead of singing they just danced to the soundtrack of the most beloved Disney songs, which in my opinion was probably for the best as I can’t imagine it is easy to stay in tune when you’re being spun above the head of a man who is simultaneously spinning on ice.

During half time, as if the team at Ocean Florida hadn’t already been generous enough, we were presented with an array of food and snow cones in novelty Disney goblets, (why does everything always taste better when it comes in a fancy cup?!) and dreamed about how much we would each love to be able to skate. The second half seemed to be over in the blink of an eye! It focused mostly on the story of Frozen, which makes sense given the whole context of the show, but I must admit it wasn’t my favourite as it included the most terrifying looking Olaf anyone could possibly imagine! The show concluded with all the characters on the stage dancing around Cinderella’s beautiful carriage and it really managed to capture the magic of Disney that could make any grumpy Grandad feel like a child again.

Overall I thought the whole show was amazing and even though to me it felt a bit short, I imagine it would be the perfect length for any young child and their family to enjoy. If you’re looking for a magical experience that will have you singing along to your favourite Disney moments whilst also leaving you in awe of the skaters incredible talent then I couldn’t recommend the show more.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to the team at Ocean Florida for giving me the opportunity to see Disney on Ice! They were incredibly accommodating and if they can make one show in London feel so magical then I can’t imagine how amazing they would make a whole holiday to Disney World in Florida be!

Have you ever been to Disney on Ice? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Princess Em x

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9-5 things I’ve learnt doing the 9-5 

My month of July (and a bit of August) have been spent doing an internship up in London. Very different to my uni life of getting up at 2 and going to sleep at 2, I have now been up and commuting doing the classic 9-5 day. Here are 9-5 things I have learnt so far

9. Nobody who commutes is a morning person – And I don’t blame them! Morning trains are stuffy and overcrowded and everyone’s been dragged out of bed to stand like sardines in an oven (do you put sardines in an oven?) Anyway my first tip is to just accept that there will be grumpy people on the trains so just stick those headphones in and read the rush hour crush section of the metro!

8. Invest in a good pair of shoes – This one I had to learn the hard way. For my first 2 days at work I decided to where my old school shoes, big mistake. I ended up with blisters in places I honestly didn’t know you could get blisters so just pop down to your local shoe shop and get some comfy shoes (personally I opted for a pair of flossies because they are very simple but feel like you’re walking on pillows!)

7. Cups of tea and life savers – This is the case for 2 reasons. Firstly having a cup of tea just calms me down and gives me a bit more motivation for the day. Secondly it’s a good excuse to get away from the desk if you just want a bit of a break, which we all need from time to time!

6. Get away from your desk for lunch – Speaking of having a break, lunchtime is an hour that we all look forward to let’s be honest! My top tip is that have lunch away from your desk as much as possible. Whether that’s heading to a cafe or just sitting on a bench outside with your packed lunch. Getting away from your screen and just having some fresh air will really make a huge difference and give you a bit more motivation to power through the afternoon

5. Your bed will become your best friend – When my boyfriend started working full time I couldn’t understand why he was always ready to sleep by about 8 but now I 100% understand! It is draining doing the 9-5 because your brain is switched on the whole time and the commuting is enough to drain the life out of anyone! Plus you will really appreciate having an early night when your alarm goes off at 8 the next morning.

If I’m completely honest the 9-5 really isn’t as bad as I was anticipating! It does make your appreciate the weekends more than ever and you will find yourself watching the clock on occasion BUT it also makes you feel like you’ve actually done something with your day!

How do you feel about the 9-5? Is it something you’re already at full swing of or something you’re yet to begin?

Go and grab another cuppa on me (go on get up from that desk), Em x

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