Tenerife holiday outfits 

For the past 5 days I have been lucky enough to be chasing the sun in Tenerife. Although I am far from a fashionista I’ve always had a love for clothes and particularly summer trends. I thought I’d share some of my holiday outfits I wore, maybe for inspiration or maybe just so you can all get a good laugh at my tan lines! (Btw you can tell as the week goes on because I turn a darker shade of red by the day)

Pool day 

This is my go to outfit for a day by the pool, the swimming costume from New Look is incredibly flattering and it’s dark colour helps attract the sun for a good tan. The maxi skirt is from BooHoo and is perfect to slip on when jumping from the pool to the bar. The shoes (which you will be seeing a lot of) are from Marks and Spencer’s

Sightseeing day 

On days where I’m out and about exploring a town, doing some shopping or enjoying some good old sightseeing I like to be comfy but not feeling slouchy. I adore this top from BooHoo and when paired with these New Look shorts I think it makes it look like I’ve made an effort but really it’s a very simple outfit. This bag, also from New Look (bet you can guess my favourite shop now), is the perfect size to fit all holiday essentials but not be too bulky. Personally I find these shoes really comfortable and they keep my feet cool but if you’re going for a long day of walking then they can be substituted out for some converse etc

Beach day 

I have a love/hate relationship with the beach. I adore the sound of the sea but I always seem to get unbelievably burnt whenever I step foot on the sand. For that exact reason I always like to have an option to cover up when I’m at the beach and this maxi skirt and top co-ord from BooHoo is ideal. It’s floaty and light but can protect me from the sun when I start to become a human tomato

Travel day 

When traveling the most important thing is comfort. I always find, particularly on planes, I get really hot so I always try to wear an outfit that will keep me cool. I chose this skirt from New Look and then just placed some cycling shorts underneath so I could cosy up on the plane and not have to worry about flashing anyone! My top is also from New Look and most likely I will pair this with a jacket for any cooler areas that I end up in


Going out in the evenings was a good chance to dress up a little bit. My sunglasses, that have appeared throughout, are from Accessorize and I would definitely recommend as they are cheap enough that it isn’t the end of the world if you lose them but they’re good enough quality to actually protect you from the sun. By this point I’m sure you can guess that the playsuit is from New Look, it’s flattering, pretty and comfortable and could work in a club or at a nice restaurant

So that’s it, I’m sorry for the long post but even if you just scrolled down to see the pictures (which lets be honest we have all done at some point) I hope you enjoyed it. I am thinking of doing a post about recommendations of what to do in Tenerife if that’s something you would be interested in but until then…

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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June Bullet Journal Layout

For the past 9 months I have become a bullet journal addict. Not only is it a great way to stay organised but it is also just a good excuse to doodle and practice some new hand-rendered type. June does not only mean the start of summer but it also means the start of a new monthly layout…

DSCF1849 (1)-2.jpg


I wanted to keep with the theme of summer and used a pineapple washi tape, that can be purchased in a set here, and I just think it is so bright and beautiful. I use the monthly calendar on the left to mark any holidays (be that actual trips away or events like birthdays and fathers day). The space on the left I use to fill in other key events that I want to remember but feel need more space, as well as this I put in any future events that I will need to add into later months.

DSCF1851 (1)-2.jpg

My weekly spreads in June, rather bizarrely, start on the 6th seeing as the 1st fell into my last May week. The flower pots at the top show me what week we are in – first pot means first week, second pot means second week etc. I like having big spaces on each day to make checklists of things I need to do as well as a place to highlight big and exciting events that I want to remember

DSCF1854 (1)-2.jpg


When I fill in my daily spreads I like to attempt to try out different fonts to highlight any important things that happen in a day as well as boxes to make key little reminders stand out. I stick to the usual bullet journal key, which you can find out more about here, for my everyday to do lists. The pens I use are Rotring tikky graphic fine liners in 0.3 and 0.5 (I am thinking of writing a review on these on a later date).

I am far from a calligraphy master but love having my journal as a way to practise my designs and keep organised! I cannot wait to continue to fill out the month of June and in particular continue to use the adorable pineapple washi tape.

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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