New bedroom decor and tour

Over the last few months I have not only moved away from my student house in Norwich but also sold and moved out of my childhood home. All this change called for a fresh start and I decided to work so hard to make my new room perfect for me. I spent a few weeks collecting some new bits from a range of stores (mostly Primark) and finally it is all in place and I couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out. My new room came with inbuilt wooden wardrobes that take up all of one side so I mainly focused on decorating the other side and my bed. I decided to go for a mustard and dark green colour scheme as I thought it would compliment the furniture the best.



The bed itself is from M&S and I think the neutral headboard colour blends in so well with the heavy wooden furniture. The mattress is also from M&S and it is so comfortable I literally spend hours at work dreaming of getting back into it!

All of the bedding is from Primark which is one of my favourite places to go for homeware. Technically the dotty side of the duvet cover is actually the reverse (on the front there are loads of bright colours and patterns) but I think it is so subtle and cute. The fluffy blanket is so soft when you wrap up it is like having a cuddle from a teddy bear, the only warning I will have about it though is it moults…a lot. At first I thought I was going to go wild with hundreds of cushions but in reality I just put them on the bed probably once a week, when I can be bothered to make my bed, and other than that they sit on the floor. For that reason I went for 2 that I really loved and can easily chuck on the bed as I run out the door in the mornings.



Seeing as I don’t have much shelf space I had to limit all my items down to things that I really loved. This record player used to be in our lounge but there wasn’t any room for it in the new house so I decided to adopt it for my room. It is such a beautiful piece and I love the sound it produces. I got the Disney artwork books for Christmas one year and they are so stunning to flick through. Next to that is my scrapbook which I will do a blog post about soon! I couldn’t find a lamp that I liked so I decided to create my own by simply adding some fairy lights to a large mason jar. I think it fits in so well with the theme and lets out the most beautiful light when it is on.

I bought the HAPPY print at a market place in York and the colours could not fit in better with my theme. I love using prints and designs to brighten up any space. Of course I couldn’t have a green theme and not get a plant in there somehow so this fake leaf plant is from Primark and it came with the stunning mustard glass jar. I do want to get some fresh flowers in my room at some point but I don’t seem to have any luck at keeping them alive. For ages I was debating what to fill the empty wall space with but I just couldn’t find any designs that I liked so I decided to make my own. The heart frames are from the British Heart Foundation and I just spray painted them cream. For the design inside I bought some cards with artwork on from the V&A and then used my label maker to print off a quote I love – “she designed a life she loved”. I think they turned out so well and really fit in with the natural/vintage look I am going for.


I couldn’t be happier with how my room turned out. I am now just waiting on some blinds and I need to finish off my dressing table then it will be perfect!

What are your favourite places to get some room decor?

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Starting a new Bullet Journal

Seeing as it’s time for the start of the new academic year, for me that also means it’s time to start a brand new bullet journal. This is always my favourite thing to do and I thought I would take you guys with me in a step by step guide on how to start a bullet journal.

For those who aren’t sure what a bullet journal is, (here is the original website explaining it in more detail) it is a form of diary that you can completely taylor to meet your own needs. It has a simple key system for tasks/events that you need to complete throughout your daily life and can be personalised however you want it to! You can be incredibly artistic with it or keep it as a plain list, whatever you prefer. Bullet journals can be used as trackers for water intake, meals, blog posts, how ever many dogs you’ve seen in a day – whatever you want! Here is how I personally set up my journal…

THE KEY journalThis is the formula that most bullet journals use. A task is shown by a dot then once its completed you cross it. If you don’t complete a task one day and want to move it to another one then you put an arrow next to the dot and if there is more information you need to add then draw a line under the dot and add in a note. If it is an event like a party or an appointment then put a circle around the dot and if it is something really important you need to get done then change the dot to a star. Simples.

YEAR AT A GLANCE journal5.jpg(I apologise for the change in colour for the photos I was using natural light on a cloudy day!) This page is basically a calendar. It allows you to see the whole year ahead of you, which is handy for making future plans. Last year I added a quote to the left page but this year I decided to use some decorative paper from hobby craft to add some colour.

FUTURE LOGjournal5 copy.jpgFor the next 4 pages I layout all the months with a small calendar and a lot of space underneath. This is where, throughout the year, I can add in future events/holidays/appointments/plans that I make as the weeks go on and need to jot down somewhere. When I go on to make my month at a glance spreads (coming up) I will check this future log of that month to see what things I have coming up.

MONTH COVER journal2.jpgFor the start of each month I will always do a bit of designing and give it a title page, so to speak. Sometimes I just write the name of the month, other times I will put in a relevant quote or image that I really like. This is another place to use decorative papers, washi tapes or stickers just to break your journal up a bit and have some fun!

MONTH AT A GLANCE journal3.jpgI find these pages to be some of the most helpful in my journal. To begin with I will always put a big calendar from the month that I can then fill with notes or doodles if I feel like it (plus it’s just really helpful seeing the whole month for when you’re planning things). Underneath the calendar I put a blog post and Instagram tracker so I can see when I’ve posted and when I’ve slacked throughout the month for an extra bit of motivation. On the right is where I put the information from my future log as well as birthdays and any holidays that I need to remember throughout the month.

WEEKLY SPREADS journal4.jpgHere is the part of bullet journaling that you will find yourself using the most. For my weekly spreads I use the right column to highlight any main events or key things that i get up to on those specific days. On the left I write things throughout the week that I need to do (like washing or food shopping) and cross them off as I go along. I have a section for urgent things that I have to do as well as a place to write a quote from the week (just for a sentimental thing really)! Some times I will end up with 2 weekly spreads over a double page but, seeing as I’m returning to university this week, I used the right hand page to make some lists of things I need to pack and buy so I stay a bit more organised.

And then my bullet journal is good to go! If you want to see some other ways of setting up weekly/monthly spreads here are my June and July (Disney) layouts. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful if you want to start your own bullet journal.

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June Bullet Journal Layout

For the past 9 months I have become a bullet journal addict. Not only is it a great way to stay organised but it is also just a good excuse to doodle and practice some new hand-rendered type. June does not only mean the start of summer but it also means the start of a new monthly layout…

DSCF1849 (1)-2.jpg


I wanted to keep with the theme of summer and used a pineapple washi tape, that can be purchased in a set here, and I just think it is so bright and beautiful. I use the monthly calendar on the left to mark any holidays (be that actual trips away or events like birthdays and fathers day). The space on the left I use to fill in other key events that I want to remember but feel need more space, as well as this I put in any future events that I will need to add into later months.

DSCF1851 (1)-2.jpg

My weekly spreads in June, rather bizarrely, start on the 6th seeing as the 1st fell into my last May week. The flower pots at the top show me what week we are in – first pot means first week, second pot means second week etc. I like having big spaces on each day to make checklists of things I need to do as well as a place to highlight big and exciting events that I want to remember

DSCF1854 (1)-2.jpg


When I fill in my daily spreads I like to attempt to try out different fonts to highlight any important things that happen in a day as well as boxes to make key little reminders stand out. I stick to the usual bullet journal key, which you can find out more about here, for my everyday to do lists. The pens I use are Rotring tikky graphic fine liners in 0.3 and 0.5 (I am thinking of writing a review on these on a later date).

I am far from a calligraphy master but love having my journal as a way to practise my designs and keep organised! I cannot wait to continue to fill out the month of June and in particular continue to use the adorable pineapple washi tape.

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