New bedroom decor and tour

Over the last few months I have not only moved away from my student house in Norwich but also sold and moved out of my childhood home. All this change called for a fresh start and I decided to work so hard to make my new room perfect for me. I spent a few weeks collecting some new bits from a range of stores (mostly Primark) and finally it is all in place and I couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out. My new room came with inbuilt wooden wardrobes that take up all of one side so I mainly focused on decorating the other side and my bed. I decided to go for a mustard and dark green colour scheme as I thought it would compliment the furniture the best.



The bed itself is from M&S and I think the neutral headboard colour blends in so well with the heavy wooden furniture. The mattress is also from M&S and it is so comfortable I literally spend hours at work dreaming of getting back into it!

All of the bedding is from Primark which is one of my favourite places to go for homeware. Technically the dotty side of the duvet cover is actually the reverse (on the front there are loads of bright colours and patterns) but I think it is so subtle and cute. The fluffy blanket is so soft when you wrap up it is like having a cuddle from a teddy bear, the only warning I will have about it though is it moults…a lot. At first I thought I was going to go wild with hundreds of cushions but in reality I just put them on the bed probably once a week, when I can be bothered to make my bed, and other than that they sit on the floor. For that reason I went for 2 that I really loved and can easily chuck on the bed as I run out the door in the mornings.



Seeing as I don’t have much shelf space I had to limit all my items down to things that I really loved. This record player used to be in our lounge but there wasn’t any room for it in the new house so I decided to adopt it for my room. It is such a beautiful piece and I love the sound it produces. I got the Disney artwork books for Christmas one year and they are so stunning to flick through. Next to that is my scrapbook which I will do a blog post about soon! I couldn’t find a lamp that I liked so I decided to create my own by simply adding some fairy lights to a large mason jar. I think it fits in so well with the theme and lets out the most beautiful light when it is on.

I bought the HAPPY print at a market place in York and the colours could not fit in better with my theme. I love using prints and designs to brighten up any space. Of course I couldn’t have a green theme and not get a plant in there somehow so this fake leaf plant is from Primark and it came with the stunning mustard glass jar. I do want to get some fresh flowers in my room at some point but I don’t seem to have any luck at keeping them alive. For ages I was debating what to fill the empty wall space with but I just couldn’t find any designs that I liked so I decided to make my own. The heart frames are from the British Heart Foundation and I just spray painted them cream. For the design inside I bought some cards with artwork on from the V&A and then used my label maker to print off a quote I love – “she designed a life she loved”. I think they turned out so well and really fit in with the natural/vintage look I am going for.


I couldn’t be happier with how my room turned out. I am now just waiting on some blinds and I need to finish off my dressing table then it will be perfect!

What are your favourite places to get some room decor?

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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Graduating uni and my plans for the future…

It is scary to think about but in a months time I will be a university graduate with a BA Hons in Graphic Design (ahhhh!!). Even though I have uploaded a couple of posts in the past about university in general (10 tips on surviving university or University room tour) I realised I’ve never really written about my personal experience or what my intentions have been after graduating.  Seeing as I’m down to my final few days as a student I reckoned now would be the perfect time for this post.

My University Experience 

I decided to study graphic design at uni because it was something I had always had a keen interest in but didn’t feel confident enough to try and break straight into the industry. After multiple open days and interviews I set my heart on Norwich University of the Arts because the course seemed to be amazing and I loved the idea of being surrounded by creatively driven people. I absolutely loved my first year of university and found the course to be so interesting and inspiring but, if I’m honest, it seemed to go downhill once second year began. First our amount of contact hours dropped to about 5 hours a week and we no longer had workshops or trips out of uni. Then everyones grades seemed to drop by at least 10%, bit of a shock when you think you’re doing well! The most annoying thing however was it felt as if the tutors became biased towards certain students whose style of work they liked and more opportunities were often sent their way. Guess thats the problem with an art degree where there isn’t a right or wrong answer and its all down to personal preference.

As far as the social side of uni goes it was definitely a rollercoaster! In first year I lived in student accommodation with 10 others.  I guess there was bound to be a certain element of drama when you stick a random group of 18 year olds in a flat together. Although I am still close with 8/10 of them I would say it wasn’t until my third year that I finally felt settled and with a solid group of friends around me. Looking back I do wish that I went to a larger university that had more societies to offer and, therefore, more opportunities to meet people but I wouldn’t change the bunch of pals I have now for the world.

I think the whole experience of going to university has really helped me to develop as a person, however cliche that sounds. It’s made me grow up and really taught me a lot about what I want to get from life. I’ve learnt the importance of friends and loyalty but equally not to be afraid to cut someone out my life who is bringing me more pain than joy. It has also provided me with some of the funniest memories to look back on (I will leave some photos below of my favourite times). Overall I have really enjoyed my time at uni, even if there are aspects of it I would liked to have changed, and I know that the day I have to pack my bags and finally leave is going to be a really difficult one!

My Future Plans

Apart from knowing that I want to be a graphic designer I have never really had a clear set path of what I wanted to do once I graduate. The closer it gets however I have decided that I am not ready to start my 9-5 office life just yet and would like to take the next year out to travel whilst I can. So far my plans are to work and save up until February then jet off to New Zealand and Bali for a couple of months. I will then come back home and carry on working to get some more money before then going out to America to spend a summer working at a camp. I say this all confidently as if I actually have everything booked (hahaha I wish) but still its nice to get ideas out there into the universe. For my travels across the world in February I want to go away with an arranged group/tour to begin with just to settle me in and form some friendships – if anyone has any recommendations for companies that provide this please leave them in the comments!

If however the traveling doesn’t work out, or I change my mind and want to go straight to working life, I think my plan will be to apply for as many internships and jobs in the graphic design industry as I can and hope that someone will take me on (fingers crossed all round please.) It is quite daunting to think that I will soon be kicking off my career but at the same time it’s in a field that I love and I am excited to finally be able to work on real life briefs! I will also of course try to keep up my blogging as much as I can and I hope this little blog will grow and adapt along with me as the next chapter begins….(I will leave this however on my favourite memory from uni, our scooby doo gang)


Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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Crafty Creatives Subscription review

FullSizeRender-1After a long day of university I was so excited to find a Crafty Creatives Subscription box on my doorstep. Growing up I was always looking for new things to make and create so being sent a box of crafts was like a childhood dream for me. This box was the an autumnal dream with 8 sweet woodland creatures you can make to hang as bunting or on a tree. The box arrived with an adorable information card showing you the cute little felt critters that you can make as well as all the instructions and supplies you need. DSCF2919.jpg

The animals themselves were surprisingly easy to make. First you have to cut out the paper outlines which would then be used as stencils to cut out the felt shapes. There was a step by step guide on which parts to sew on when followed by at which point you need to stuff the little sweethearts. The animals varied in difficulty, some were made up of only 2 different parts and others up to 6. I would be lying if I said I made them all myself as I had some help from some flatmates who couldn’t resist a good bit of arts and crafts. squirrell.jpg

The final outcome was so adorable as well as versatile. Seeing as it is still a bit too early to start decorating the christmas tree we are currently displaying our woodland friends on a piece of string above the TV. As soon as December rolls around however our tree is going to be filled with these little buddies. One thing I found really amazing about this kit is not only did it come with more than enough felt so you definitely wouldn’t run out but the stencils and instructions could be used over and over again to make as many crafts as you want. Its works across all medium not just felt, however if you want them to be stuffy then felt is definitely the best option. FullSizeRender.jpeg

The box retails for £15 and can be found here I am blown away with the quality of this box and, even with my limited sewing skills, the creatures look like something we have bought from a shop. It was so nice to just kick back and be creative whilst shutting off the technology world (I literally sound like my mum right now but every word is true). Plus we are going to have the most adorable christmas tree ever!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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I opened a shop!

DSCF2933.jpgHello there lovely people. Some of you may know that I am currently a third year Graphic Design student (I am getting old!) who also has a major love for illustrating. For about 2 years now I have been drawing away in my bedroom, hardly showing anyone what I had been working on, and just getting more and more addicted to doodling. I viewed them more as a stress reliever for me but once I uploaded a couple of photos to twitter, in a blog chat a while ago, I started to see that they actually might be something people would be interested in.

I started to think about selling my prints but knew that they were too time consuming, alongside university, to hand draw individually! Once I started to learn more about graphic design I realised I could scan my drawings in and turn them into digital art which I could then print out for friends and family (see where this is going) so I got a lil bit excited. This year I have decided to bite the bullet and put my artwork out there on Etsy (my etsy shop)  and thought I would show you some my favourite prints on here…

disney frame
Everybody’s favourite mouse
mermaid frame
A beautiful mermaid
bulldog frame
An adorable french bulldog
panda frame
A chubby panda
tree frame
A christmas tree
halloween cat frame
A cute halloween cat

I hope that you like them and if you are interested in any of them (or want to see what else there is) here is the link to my shop – OutOfTeaBags

I would really like to thank those lovely bloggers who really showed an interest in my work and inspired me to get a shop open!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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Starting a new Bullet Journal

Seeing as it’s time for the start of the new academic year, for me that also means it’s time to start a brand new bullet journal. This is always my favourite thing to do and I thought I would take you guys with me in a step by step guide on how to start a bullet journal.

For those who aren’t sure what a bullet journal is, (here is the original website explaining it in more detail) it is a form of diary that you can completely taylor to meet your own needs. It has a simple key system for tasks/events that you need to complete throughout your daily life and can be personalised however you want it to! You can be incredibly artistic with it or keep it as a plain list, whatever you prefer. Bullet journals can be used as trackers for water intake, meals, blog posts, how ever many dogs you’ve seen in a day – whatever you want! Here is how I personally set up my journal…

THE KEY journalThis is the formula that most bullet journals use. A task is shown by a dot then once its completed you cross it. If you don’t complete a task one day and want to move it to another one then you put an arrow next to the dot and if there is more information you need to add then draw a line under the dot and add in a note. If it is an event like a party or an appointment then put a circle around the dot and if it is something really important you need to get done then change the dot to a star. Simples.

YEAR AT A GLANCE journal5.jpg(I apologise for the change in colour for the photos I was using natural light on a cloudy day!) This page is basically a calendar. It allows you to see the whole year ahead of you, which is handy for making future plans. Last year I added a quote to the left page but this year I decided to use some decorative paper from hobby craft to add some colour.

FUTURE LOGjournal5 copy.jpgFor the next 4 pages I layout all the months with a small calendar and a lot of space underneath. This is where, throughout the year, I can add in future events/holidays/appointments/plans that I make as the weeks go on and need to jot down somewhere. When I go on to make my month at a glance spreads (coming up) I will check this future log of that month to see what things I have coming up.

MONTH COVER journal2.jpgFor the start of each month I will always do a bit of designing and give it a title page, so to speak. Sometimes I just write the name of the month, other times I will put in a relevant quote or image that I really like. This is another place to use decorative papers, washi tapes or stickers just to break your journal up a bit and have some fun!

MONTH AT A GLANCE journal3.jpgI find these pages to be some of the most helpful in my journal. To begin with I will always put a big calendar from the month that I can then fill with notes or doodles if I feel like it (plus it’s just really helpful seeing the whole month for when you’re planning things). Underneath the calendar I put a blog post and Instagram tracker so I can see when I’ve posted and when I’ve slacked throughout the month for an extra bit of motivation. On the right is where I put the information from my future log as well as birthdays and any holidays that I need to remember throughout the month.

WEEKLY SPREADS journal4.jpgHere is the part of bullet journaling that you will find yourself using the most. For my weekly spreads I use the right column to highlight any main events or key things that i get up to on those specific days. On the left I write things throughout the week that I need to do (like washing or food shopping) and cross them off as I go along. I have a section for urgent things that I have to do as well as a place to write a quote from the week (just for a sentimental thing really)! Some times I will end up with 2 weekly spreads over a double page but, seeing as I’m returning to university this week, I used the right hand page to make some lists of things I need to pack and buy so I stay a bit more organised.

And then my bullet journal is good to go! If you want to see some other ways of setting up weekly/monthly spreads here are my June and July (Disney) layouts. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful if you want to start your own bullet journal.

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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July (Disney) Bullet Journal Layout

In all seriousness where did June go? This time I am back with another bullet journal layout and for the month of July I have decided to go with a bit of a Disney theme because well why not! (plus I ordered this really cool new Disney washi tape that I had to justify spending £5 on by using!) DSCF2197.jpgI used my grey Leuchtturm 1917 journal as well as the washi tape I mentioned above. Simply because I couldn’t resist the cuteness, I also used this tsum tsum sticker book to add a little magic to my daily spreads (see what I did there).DSCF2195.jpgDSCF2188I kept the monthly overview the same as June (I just find it works the best for me.) I use the calendar on the left for important dates like birthdays and anniversaries and then the space on the right is used to add in other important dates that I feel need a bit more explanation/detail. In the future dates space I will put in any events that I need to remember for future months that I can add in as I go along. I love how bright this washi tape is and the fact that it has Eeyore and Stitch as some of the main focus of it makes me love it even more. DSCF2196.jpgDSCF2189.jpg

Last month my weekly spreads were quite spacious so for this month I wanted to try something a bit more boxy and structured. I created a post-it-note like box for each day of the week that I will fill with to-do lists as well as any fun memories from the day. I still wanted it to be light and pretty though so I just used flowy handwriting to add in the days. To mark which week I am in I will change the number at the top. Now for the fun part, to the corner of each box I added in an adorable tsum tsum sticker of characters that I love and then just added in some extra stickers because I couldn’t resist!

That’s another month all ready to fill up with memories! I will be spending all of July doing a Graphic Design internship (blog posts coming!) How are you spending July?

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

If you want to have a peak at my June layout then check it out here!

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Dream Board DIY

Recently I have started to read a book called The Secret (blog post coming soon!) and one of the things it talks about is a dream board filled with things that you want/desire. It is a visual way of motivating you (and something that I thought would also make a pretty wall decoration!) It is a place for you to fill with photos of the things you want and quotes and whatever else motivates you! The best thing about it is once you achieve something or get one of things you want you can take it off and, if you want to, replace it with something new

Here are the supplies you will need (I got most of mine from hobby craft)…board.jpg

Here is my step by step guide of how to make it…

  1. First things first you need to figure out what you want to put on the board so make a list of 10-15 things that you really want – they can be anything from a cup of water to a yacht
  2. Print out photos that visually represent everything on your list. I used my LG pocket photo printer (TIP: it’s cheaper to buy the Polaroid PoGo paper that works just the same as the LG paper)step 1.jpg
  3. Give your board a title
  4. Start trying different arrangements of the photos/quotes until you’re happy with how it looks
  5. Pin them down!
  6. Add captions to any photos that you think need themboard2.jpg
  7. Fill up spaces with quotes and stickers or washi tape
  8. You’re all done!board final.jpg

Now that you’re all motivated (and have some cute new decor) get out there and start living your dreams! I’ve made myself cringe with that one!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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Art University vs ‘normal’ University

Going to an art university can often get you quite a lot of stick (something I will go into more detail in a later post) but it is also a very different experience from, what’s considered to be, a ‘normal’ (by this I mean not just one field related) university.

For this blog post I have got the help of my 2 lovely friends Holly who attends a ‘normal’ university and is studying Pharmacy and Georgia who attends Leicester university and is studying English literature. Through a series of questions we will look at the main differences between their university experiences and mine.

Georgia – Second year student at Leicester university studying English Literature

  1. WHAT WAS YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS LIKE? Similar to everyone else’s, you have to apply through UCAS. You pick 5 Uni’s and prioritise 2, and wait to hear back about your grades and if you’ve been accepted
  2. HOW MANY HOURS ARE YOU IN UNI AND WHAT IS THAT TIME MADE UP OF? It depends what course you’re on , and what modules you pick. For example, on a straight BA English course it is between 6-9 hours a week, however because of the modules I chose I was in around 12-15 hours a week in first year. This year my hours have changed , and I would say I am in 8-9 hours a week for lectures. These hours do not include the many hours spent in the library. When I am at uni this time is used primarily for lectures and seminars.
  3. IS YOUR FINAL GRADE MADE UP OF COURSEWORK OR EXAMS? Our final grades are made up of both coursework and exams. Once again this depends on whether you are doing single honours or a joint honours, and what course you are on. There is usually more weight given to coursework as opposed to the exams.
  4. HOW MANY SOCIETIES DOES YOUR UNIVERSITY HAVE? Between 150-200 (there are loads this is just a guess)
  5. WHAT IS THE SOCIAL LIFE LIKE AT YOUR UNIVERSITY? Being in a student city means there are lots of places to go and the locals don’t seem to mind us
  6. WHAT IS YOUR STUDENT UNION LIKE? There are lots of food options in the SU but places like Starbucks and some of the canteen food is oquite expensive. We do have our own O2, which is great for a student night out and regularly has bands coming in to perform.
  7. IS IT A CAMPUS OR A CITY UNIVERSITY? It is a campus university
  8. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST YEAR ACCOMMODATION LIKE? I spent first year in john Foster halls in Oadby which was a lovely area and I had a great room. The room came with an en suite and the kitchen area was shared between 5 of us and was very modern.
  9. HOW EASY WAS IT TO MAKE FRIENDS? In our building, there was 28 of us on different floors and we were lucky enough to all get on really well. It was incredibly easy to make friends both in halls and on the course.
  10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE AND LEAST FAVOURITE PART ABOUT UNIVERSITY? Favourite part of uni: making lots of new friends and getting to explore Leicester. Least favourite part: paying £2,50 for the washing machines in first year and having to decide really too quickly on who you live with for second year

Em (me) – Second year student at Norwich University of the Arts studying Graphic Design

  1. WHAT WAS YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS LIKE? I began by applying through UCAS which was then followed by an interview from each of the universities (blog post about it here)
  2. HOW MANY HOURS ARE YOU IN UNI AND WHAT IS THAT TIME MADE UP OF? Technically in a week I only have about 5 scheduled hours of lectures which are from my tutors as well as external designers but the rest of time is known as group teaching which basically just means free time in the studio to get work done where tutors will be around to talk to if you need help. Once a week I will also have a crit with my teachers where they give me feedback on my work. In the first year we had a lot more scheduled workshops and stuff but that has stopped as the years have gone on.
  3. IS YOUR FINAL GRADE MADE UP OF COURSEWORK OR EXAMS? It is all coursework but for each term I also have to write some form of essay or research project for the contextual studies aspect of my course.
  4. HOW MANY SOCIETIES DOES YOUR UNIVERSITY HAVE? I’m really not sure but as a guess I would say around 20? The main one we have is the storehouse magazine which is completely created and run by students.
  5. WHAT IS THE SOCIAL LIFE LIKE AT YOUR UNIVERSITY? There are lots of typical places where NUA students go on a tuesday and friday night but I would say in general Norwich is filled with loads of pubs and a good variety of clubs.
  6. WHAT IS YOUR STUDENT UNION LIKE? Our student Union is a lot smaller than most other universities but it does still offer support for students and organises a range of events particularly during freshers week.
  7. IS IT A CAMPUS OR A CITY UNIVERSITY? It is a city university
  8. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST YEAR ACCOMMODATION LIKE? I stayed in a newly built student accommodation in a flat of 11. We had our own bedrooms with en suites then shared a kitchen and living space. As far as student accommodation goes it was really really nice!
  9. HOW EASY WAS IT TO MAKE FRIENDS? I think it was slightly harder in my uni than others due to the fact we don’t have that many societies and my course is quite an individual one but it was definitely easy making friends within my first year accommodation. I think it helped that we all did an art-based subject so already had something in common.
  10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE AND LEAST FAVOURITE PART ABOUT UNIVERSITY? Favourite part of uni: having independence and meeting new people. Least favourite part: the stress of deadline day and the cost of printing.

Holly – Second year student studying Pharmacy.

  1. WHAT WAS YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS LIKE? I applied via UCAS and had to be interviewed for my degree by all the universities I applied to before an offer could be made, although this isn’t typical of most science degrees (my degree is part science and part healthcare). Each university seemed to have a different style of interview. For example, one of the universities I applied to had a ‘mini-stations’ format, that presented you with problems to solve on ethical dilemmas, chemistry, mental maths and a group work exercise. However, my other interviews were more of a casual chat about myself and why I wanted to study pharmacy.
  2. HOW MANY HOURS ARE YOU IN UNI AND WHAT IS THAT TIME MADE UP OF? An average week for me is about 22 hours. A bad week can be as many as 30 hours, and a good week at the end of term can be as little as 10 hours (this is rare, only seems to happen at the end of a semester!). Most of my teaching time consists of lectures, which are an hour long each. Usually once a week I’ll have a workshop, which is where a group of 30 of us attend and attempt to answer (attempt being the operative word here) questions from a worksheet based on material that has already been covered in lectures. A lecturer leads the session and answers any questions we have about the work. We’ll also have a series of ongoing labs, usually 3 x 3 hour practicals per module.
  3. IS YOUR FINAL GRADE MADE UP OF COURSEWORK OR EXAMS? Most of my 1st year modules were assessed 100% by exams. 2nd year has been 70% exams and 30% coursework, but 3rd year will be 50% exam and 50% coursework which I am very much looking forward to. My final year is mostly based on my masters project, but I’m not sure about weighting yet…
  4. HOW MANY SOCIETIES DOES YOUR UNIVERSITY HAVE? Erm… a lot? I wish I could tell you more about them but I haven’t really gotten involved. I did try, I managed to attend Vegsoc for 6 weeks.
  5. WHAT IS THE SOCIAL LIFE LIKE AT YOUR UNIVERSITY? I don’t have one, but most normal people do. I don’t really like the night clubs in town (my excuse for not going out is that I have ‘so much work to do’), and as previously mentioned I haven’t gotten involved in any societies so I socialize with friends I made in halls and course-mates. I’ve heard a few people conclude that the nightclubs in town aren’t great, but I think the social side of uni is what you make of it.
  6. WHAT IS YOUR STUDENT UNION LIKE? Decent. 2 club nights a week, happy hour on Fridays, elections once a year for various positions, campaigning for issues such as student housing demand etc. Very busy and active, they do a lot to improve our university experience.
  7. IS IT A CAMPUS OR A CITY UNIVERSITY? Campus. Most people live in halls on campus in first year, and then second year onwards in privately rented houses.
  8. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST YEAR ACCOMMODATION LIKE?It was okay! I went for ‘cheap and cheerful’ shared bathroom accommodation in a flat of 21 people, which I was mildly terrified about beforehand. I had my own sink in my room though. With a bit of a stretch I could brush my teeth on my bed and spit my toothpaste out into the sink, such fun! We had 3 kitchens between us, 4 toilet cubicles and 5 shower rooms.
  9. HOW EASY WAS IT TO MAKE FRIENDS? The first 3 weeks of first year is the easiest time, as you are constantly meeting new people who are all just as terrified as you. I was lucky as being in a flat with 20 other people meant I didn’t have to search too hard for people to impose my awkwardness upon. It does become more difficult to find new friends as the weeks go on, but I’ve managed to make some new closer friends in my second year, so if you don’t find ‘your people’ within the first week, don’t panic.
  10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE AND LEAST FAVOURITE PART ABOUT UNIVERSITY?I like the independence and freedom. I can have cereal for dinner and do my laundry at 3am if I want to (I’ve never done either of those things, but mum and dad would never know if I did. It’s a great feeling). I don’t like how stressful academics can be, or how lonely/boring it can be on the weekends.

I hope this helped anyone out who is thinking of applying to an art university, or just any type of uni at all! Let me know how your university experiences relate/differ to mine, Georgia’s or Holly’s. Any more questions feel free to ask!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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