A-Z Dating

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you and your partner find yourself sat on the sofa trying to come up with something to do. Not that binge-watching Netflix isn’t fun but seeing as you haven’t left the house all weekend you fancy a change. But what do you do?

A few months back my boyfriend and I came across A-Z dating and we have loved it ever since. Essentially what it is is you pick a letter and then come up with an activity to do on your date that starts with that letter. You can either just do 1 activity based around each letter or try and make a whole day/weekend out of it by only going to places/eating foods that start with that letter.

This is such a great way to try something new on your dates and create some really special memories. The dates can be free or expensive, inside or outside, local to you or in a completely different country all that matters is that it starts with the letter you have chosen. The other choice for you to make is whether you want to just work through the letters alphabetically or pick a random letter out of a hat each time. Here are a few ideas of things you can do for each letter…


A – aquarium, arcade, go on an aeroplane, american diner

B – beach, baking, bowling, board games

C – cinema, card games, camping, cooking

D – disneyworld, dancing, driving range, double date

E – holiday to europe, exploring, eating, escape room

F – football, farm, build a fort, festivals

G – go karting, go green for the day, ghost walk, gallery

H – stay in a hotel, horse riding, harry potter world, happy hour

I – ice skating, indian food, make ice cream, Ikea

J – jigsaw, jacuzzi, jurassic park binge, start a journal

K – karaoke, KFC, fly a kite, kickboxing

L – learn something new, live music, lazy day, lunch

M – movie night, monopoly, museum, massage

N – night in, day out in nature, netball, go nude for the day (why not)

O – ocean, obstacle course, outdoor cinema, opera

P – pool, pizza, pitch n putt, painting

Q – quiz, a quest, visit the queen?

R – restaurant, rollercoasters, riverboat, roller skating

S – spa, skydiving, shopping, swimming pool

T – theatre, trampolining, tattoo, treasure hunt

U – underground, underwear shopping (cheeky), unwind, umbrella walks in the rain

V – volunteer, video games, vendors, vineyard

W – workout, walking, waterpark, wall climbing

X – x-box, xylophone lessons, eXhibitions (I’m struggling here!)

Y – yoga, have to say yes, yodelling, youtube binge

Z – zoo, zip wire, zombie day, catch some zzzz


If you have any other ideas be sure to leave them in the comments below and let me know if you get up to any A-Z dates!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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20 things I’ve learnt in 20 years 

Seeing as this week is my 6 month unbirthday I decided to think about how much has changed over my life and what I have learnt from it. I thought I would make a list of 20 things that, through one way or another, I have learnt in the past 20 years MGYW2128 (1).jpg

  1. proper preparation prevents piss poor performance
  2. eat that chocolate bar and don’t you dare feel guilty about it
  3. ignoring a problem does not fix it
  4. make time for family no matter what else you’ve got going on in your life
  5. jealousy is dangerous
  6. a cup of tea won’t make everything better but it’s a bloody good place to start
  7. sometimes all you need is a bit of fresh air
  8. not all boys suck but those that do are not worth your time
  9. pick up your phone and call your friends occasionally (don’t just send a text)
  10. don’t let anyone tell you you can’t
  11. get changed everyday (even if it is just into another pair of pyjamas)
  12. gratitude is so important
  13. failure isn’t the falling over it’s the not getting back up again
  14. walk into every room with a smile
  15. stroke as many dogs as you can
  16. if you want something go out and earn it or save for it
  17. accept that not everyone has the same views as you and that’s not a bad thing
  18. you’re never to old for anything
  19. you can never say I love you too many times
  20. you’re not perfect and that is okay!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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University room tour

Moving to university is a big step and it can also be quite scary moving into to a completely new place thats going to be your home. During first year I found it quite hard at first to settle in and, looking back, I think its because I neglected my bedroom a bit and didn’t make it feel like my home. For that reason, going into second year I was determined to make my new room a comfy, bright and homely place that I am happy to call my own little space.

So here is a sneak peak into my university bedroom (I hope you like it!) QUICK DISCLAIMER I am quite a messy person so I was considering completely tidying up my room before this but then I thought it wouldn’t be an accurate representation so please excuse the piles of stuff!

BED DSCF2146.jpgaka my favourite place in the world! I am lucky enough to have a double bed at uni so I wanted to make it cosy but still colourful. The flowery cover is from Primark and all of the cushions are from either Wilkos or Dunelm. I have a fear of hanging pictures above my bed incase they fall off in the night so I chose to put up this tapestry from Ebay to fill up some of the white space.

DESKDSCF2144.jpgI spend a lot of time working at my desk throughout the year so I wanted it to be clear enough to fit my laptop and a cup of tea on but still have everything I might need (printer, pens, paper) in reach. My room came with the desk and the pinboard that I then choose to fill with photos, fake flowers, cards and some jewellery. The copper lights going around it are from Urban Outfitters. I love the wire board from Primark that I use to display some of my polaroid photos and the 3 part frame is from Clinton Cards.

WARDROBE DSCF2147.jpgJust like my desk, the wardrobe came with my room but it was just off white and boring! I filled part of it with photos to make it more bright and fun. The E on the top is from Hobbycraft and I made the marble paper inside of it (something I am thinking of doing a diy post on). The diffuser is Vanilla and Coconut from Primark (it smells so good!) Both of the photo frames I got in tenerife and I made the Up in print inside the first one. The copper dog is from TK Maxx and was a house warming present from my mum!

COSY CORNERDSCF2140.jpgJust like everyone else sometimes I just want a place I can chill and escape to so I made myself a little comfy corner. The photo frame is from Urban Outfitters and I won the flamingo lights at an arcade (best prize ever!) The bean bag I got from a friend but I would 100% recommend getting one for your uni room as they are great places for friends to sit (as well as you obviously!) The stand is from Argos and I’ve got one either side of my bed to store all my random bits and bobs on!


Taking a photo of a mirror is surprisingly hard so I just thought I would show you my favourite bit on top of it. It is a full length mirror that I got from Wilkos and I just have it leant against my wall. The Mickey ears and sun glasses are both from freshers club night events from earlier this year and the light sign on top I got as a present. I am pretty sure you can get it in Urban Outfitters and its really fun because you can swap out the letters to spell out whatever you like! (Well done sherlock if you spotted my messy bed in the reflection before I made it to take a photo!)

and that is my bedroom! I hope you like it as much as I do! What kind of room decor is your favourite? Are you bright and bold or cool and minimalist?

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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9-5 things I’ve learnt doing the 9-5 

My month of July (and a bit of August) have been spent doing an internship up in London. Very different to my uni life of getting up at 2 and going to sleep at 2, I have now been up and commuting doing the classic 9-5 day. Here are 9-5 things I have learnt so far

9. Nobody who commutes is a morning person – And I don’t blame them! Morning trains are stuffy and overcrowded and everyone’s been dragged out of bed to stand like sardines in an oven (do you put sardines in an oven?) Anyway my first tip is to just accept that there will be grumpy people on the trains so just stick those headphones in and read the rush hour crush section of the metro!

8. Invest in a good pair of shoes – This one I had to learn the hard way. For my first 2 days at work I decided to where my old school shoes, big mistake. I ended up with blisters in places I honestly didn’t know you could get blisters so just pop down to your local shoe shop and get some comfy shoes (personally I opted for a pair of flossies because they are very simple but feel like you’re walking on pillows!)

7. Cups of tea and life savers – This is the case for 2 reasons. Firstly having a cup of tea just calms me down and gives me a bit more motivation for the day. Secondly it’s a good excuse to get away from the desk if you just want a bit of a break, which we all need from time to time!

6. Get away from your desk for lunch – Speaking of having a break, lunchtime is an hour that we all look forward to let’s be honest! My top tip is that have lunch away from your desk as much as possible. Whether that’s heading to a cafe or just sitting on a bench outside with your packed lunch. Getting away from your screen and just having some fresh air will really make a huge difference and give you a bit more motivation to power through the afternoon

5. Your bed will become your best friend – When my boyfriend started working full time I couldn’t understand why he was always ready to sleep by about 8 but now I 100% understand! It is draining doing the 9-5 because your brain is switched on the whole time and the commuting is enough to drain the life out of anyone! Plus you will really appreciate having an early night when your alarm goes off at 8 the next morning.

If I’m completely honest the 9-5 really isn’t as bad as I was anticipating! It does make your appreciate the weekends more than ever and you will find yourself watching the clock on occasion BUT it also makes you feel like you’ve actually done something with your day!

How do you feel about the 9-5? Is it something you’re already at full swing of or something you’re yet to begin?

Go and grab another cuppa on me (go on get up from that desk), Em x

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10 tips on surviving university

I am still finding it hard to believe that I only have one year of university left, where have the last 2 years gone? I wasn’t sure what to call this post because I feel like the word ‘surviving’ makes it sound like some life-endangering challenge (which it definitely isn’t) but I would be lying if I said university was all smiles and rainbows!

So here are my tips to getting the most out of university through some do’s and don’t’s I have come to learn the hard way

  1. PEOPLE ARE MESSY – I am far from a clean freak but I was shocked to see how disgustingly dirty our kitchen got at uni (especially in first year when I was sharing with 11 people). My tip would be to share some kitchen utensils but keep your plates and cutlery to yourself because, believe me, some people will leave their washing up for weeks and you don’t want to have to resort to eating your cereal out of a pan.
  2. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A PARTY ANIMAL TO ENJOY UNI – When people hear the word university they think of rowdy students drinking till their livers fall out every night and I can’t lie, it can be like this! BUT its not all like that and that side is definitely not compulsory so if you don’t feel like going out and drinking then don’t, I guarantee there will be lots of other people at your uni that feel the same way!
  3. GET THE BALANCE RIGHT – Aside from all the wild nights out university is also about studying and working towards a degree so its important you find the right balance between work and play. Don’t go out everyday and fall behind on your work but equally don’t lock yourself away in the library and miss out on fun experiences
  4. SAY YES TO EVERYTHING YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE DOING – Speaking of fun experiences, university offers so many opportunities from societies to just the random, funny things you will get up to with your friends now you’re living without your parents. Looking back you want to have as many memories as you can so challenge yourself a bit and try to yes as much as you can! BUT if you don’t feel comfortable or safe then walk away, its better to be safe than sorry.
  5. YOU MIGHT NOT MEET YOU BFFL ON THE FIRST DAY – During freshers week you will meet more people that you’ve probably ever known in your life and some, believe it or not, you might meet once and then never see ever again! It is a great time to socialise and form friendship groups but don’t panic if you don’t find your friends for life, they will come over time.
  6. EATING HEALTHY IS IMPORTANT – Now no one is expecting you to be Gordon Ramsay but living off pasta and chicken dippers really isn’t good for you! I got quite ill in my first year and bad eating habits had a very noticeably bad effect on my mental health so just add that broccoli and those apples to your shopping basket, believe me you will need them.
  7. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER – One of my favourite parts about uni is the wide variety of people that you will meet, some from completely different backgrounds to you. Everyone at uni has a story and a reason why they are there so don’t be judgemental towards anyone because you will be surprised who you have connections with in the end!
  8. THINK HARD ABOUT WHO YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH IN SECOND YEAR – One of the stupid designs of university life is, in most cases, you have to find a house for second year around christmas time of your first year. This means you will be choosing to live with people who you’ve only known for a couple of months. Friendships change all the time at uni so my tip would be to think really hard about who you feel comfortable around and who you don’t think you will have any issues with for the rest of first year. Also try and get a house close to your other friends so if worst comes to the worst and you have fallen out with your future housemates by the time second year starts you’re not far away from other friends!
  9. TOXIC POEPLE ARE NOT WORTH YOUR TIME – This is definitely something that took me a bit too long to learn. As I said there will be lots of like-minded people at your university so if there is someone that is making you feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or unhappy then they are not worth it. Keep your head up, walk away and go out and find people that appreciate you for you. (just to clarify I’m not saying to walk away from things after any tiny little problem but don’t stick around if you’re not happy, uni is different to school in the sense that you don’t just have one class/one year, you have 3 years worth of people to get to know)
  10. UNI IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT – I definitely started to adopt this mindset later into my second year and it made such a huge difference. I would always hear people saying university were the best years of their lives and it really got to me that mine didn’t really feel that way! Once I started to realise that it was only going to be amazing if I made it amazing things really started to look up. I started making more plans, therefore memories, with my friends and looked into getting more out of uni than just a degree and a major hangover! University can be the best 3 years of your life, you just have to put a bit of effort into making it.

There are my tips that I have learnt over my 2 years at university. If you have any of your own or anymore questions don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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Body Shop Tea Tree range review

DSCF2129.jpgEver since the joys of puberty I have been blessed with acne! Over the past 10 years I have tried everything from clean & clear to doctor prescribed creams and tablets but nothing has ever completely cleared my skin!

For christmas I was given 4 pieces from the tea tree collection at the Body Shop and FOR ONCE it seems to be making a difference! For reference here is a photo from 2 years ago and now. As well as getting my nose pierced and sorting my eyebrows out, my forehead has completely cleared up. I still have bad scars on my cheeks and breakouts on my chin (especially when I’m stressed) but as a whole it is a lot better! Now I know I am wearing make up in the second picture and not the first but just believe me when I say the difference in my skin is insane!skin.jpg

The pieces that I received from the Body shop range is the 3-in-1 Wash Scrub and Mask, the Skin Clearing Clay Mask, the Pore Minimiser and the Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution. 

3-in-1 Wash Scrub and Mask (£8.50)DSCF2130.jpg

I use this as a scrub everyday in the shower (because it is a pain to wash off in the sink) and I find it really gets deep into my pores. My skin is left feeling super soft and a lot less rough. I find if I put this on in the morning when a spot is brewing under the surface of my skin it definitely decreases in size over the day! The only downside, as I earlier mentioned, is it is really difficult to wash off, especially if you use it as a mask, but do it in the shower and you will have no problems

Skin Clearing Clay Mask (£11)DSCF2131.jpg

I put this on 2-3 times a week as soon as I get out the shower. It does make you look like shrek but it goes on as a mousey texture and then starts to dry hard. You leave it on for 10-15mins and then wash it off. Now when I say my skin feels smooth after I mean it feels like a fresh little babies bottom. I can also see a noticeable change in the size of my spots after I take this mask off. One problem I have found with this is after an hour or so my skin feels really dry (I’m guessing because it is drying out spots) but I would just recommend putting a moisturiser on once you’ve taken it off.

Pore Minimiser (£9)DSCF2133.jpg

Whether you’re meant to do this or not I don’t know but I use this as a primer before I put my make up on. I have really tried to limit the amount I wear foundation but I feel like this puts on a protective layer first whilst also putting some more tea tree on my face to dry out those pesky spots! It does have quite a tacky feel when you’ve put it on your skin so I find it does actually work well as a primer to keep make up on for longer.

Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution (£13)DSCF2134 

Out of the whole range I have this is the only one that I question. If I’m honest I just don’t think it does anything for me! You’re meant to put a few drops of it on but I just find it leaves my skin feeling quite oily and nothing seems to change when I do put it on. I have just recently purchased the Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner (£6) from the range to substitute for this, seeing as it is half the price for twice the amount, so I will see how that goes.

There are my honest reviews of this range, have you ever tried it? or do you have any other skin saviours? I am going to carry on using these products and just pray that my skin cooperates!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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50 questions you’ve never been asked

Hello lovelies, how are you today? I was tagged by the beautiful Gemma (@gmmlsknny) from lipsticksoul.com to do the 50 questions you’ve never been asked tag! I absolutely loved her answers and you should definitely go and check them out here! Enough rambling from me, here are my answers and I tag you all to answer them!
1. What is your favourite candle scent?
The white company have a candle called winter which literally smells like christmas so I love that one but otherwise I love vanilla or fresh cotton kind of smells

2. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?
I love Jessica Alba’s style and her hair so I would chose her simply so I could steal her clothes! Plus if that meant I looked vaguely like her I wouldn’t complain

3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?
I feel like Ed Sheeran would be a really great brother for some reason plus he could teach me to play the guitar

4. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married?

I love weddings so much! Ummmm probably around 25/26 when I actually have my life a bit more together

5. Do you know a hoarder?
Not an excessive compulsive one but me and my mum are definitely the type of people that even if it has the tiniest bit of sentimental value we can’t throw it away!

6. Can you do the splits?
I wish! I tried to train myself but it takes something like a year of stretching everyday and I am way too impatient for that

7. How old were you when you learned to ride a bike?
I think about 5/6?

8. How many Oceans have you swam in?
*googles the different oceans* maybe 3?

9. How many countries have you visited?
around 15 I think, my favourite definitely being Costa Rica or Canada!

10. Is anyone in your family in the army?
One of my uncles is

11. What would you name your daughter if you had one?
Freya (absolutely love that name)

12. What would you name your son if you had one?
This is harder but maybe Harry or Alfie (anything ending in an ‘e’ noise)
13. What’s the worst grade you’ve got in a test?
D I think
14. What was your favourite TV show as a kid?
Zoey 101 (I always wanted one of those cool slide phones they got and the scooters)
15. What did you dress up as for Halloween when you were 8?
A Disney princess of some sorts, I think it might have been snow white


16. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?
I’ve read one of each of them, I need to start reading more if I’m honest!

17. Would you rather have an American or a British accent?


18. Did your Mother go to University?
She went to Manchester university to study business
19. Are your grandparents still married?
They are on my dads side but not on my mums side
20. Have you ever taken Kerate lessons?
I wish! I don’t think I’d be coordinated enough for it though!


21. Do you know who Kermit the frog is?
Of course *sips tea*

22. What was the first amusement park you went to?
Probably legoland

23. What language beside your native language would you like to be fluent in?
Italian or Spanish, I think they both sound really beautiful
24. Do you spell the colour as grey or gray?

25. Is your father bald?
He’s not, he actually takes a worrying amount of pride in his hair!

26. Do you know any triplets?
I know lots and lots of twins but no triplets

27. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?
Titanic! It’s one of my all time favourite films

28. Have you ever had Indian food?
I adore curry so I’ve had that type of Indian food but I’m not great with spice

29. What’s the name of your favourite restaurant?
Ping Pong (they make the best Dim Sum ever!)

30. Have you ever been to Nandos?
I think I went about 4 times in one week once!

31. Do you belong to and warehouse stores? (Costco, Bookers etc)
If I’m honest I didn’t actually know they existed until around last year and now I am desperate to go to one to see what the hype is all about!

32. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?
I’ve never actually asked them this but my brother is called Ben so something that goes with that I guess haha

33. If you have a nickname, what is it?
Technically Em is a nickname, I’m actually Emma Jane or Emma but I just prefer being called Em

34. Who is your favourite person in the world?
My boyfriend Dan

35. Would you rather live in the countryside or the city?
This is a hard one. I love the peacefulness of the countryside but I think I would get bored to easily so probably a city that had a big park

36. Can you whistle?

Just about but its nothing impressive

37. Do you sleep with a night light?
I used to but now I can only really get to sleep if its pitch black in my room

38. Do you eat breakfast every morning?
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (I’m eating it now)

39. What medical conditions do you have?
I have very low blood pressure so I get faint very very easily

40. How many times have you been to hospital?
Too many times! I was a very clumsy child (still am) so I was always injuring myself somehow!

41. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?
Lots of times! I’ve seen all of the Pixar films I do believe

42. Where do you buy your jeans?
Usually Topshop but now I’ve become between sizes there so I am looking for somewhere new if anyone has any suggestions!

43. What was the last compliment you got?
I got told I was a good driver which is always nice to hear!

44. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?

I do for about half an hour and then I am clueless unless I write them down

45. What flavour tea do you enjoy?
A good old english breakfast cup of tea! I do like fruit teas as well though (especially Whittard’s cranberry and raspberry tea that’s incredible)

46. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
I would say around 15 but I probably only wear about 5 of them (I need to have a clear out)

47. What religion will you raise your children to practice?
Whatever religion they want to practice (or none if they don’t want to)

48. How old were you when you found out Santa wasn’t real?

I was around 10 when I heard the rumours but it really hit home when I was about 12 and my younger step bother was about 6 and my dad turned and said remember to keep pretending Santa is real for the sake of Lewis. That was a hard christmas haha

49. Why do you have a blog?
I get bored very easily and need something to keep me occupied and blogging felt like a really good option! Plus its a great way to meet new people and actually feel a part of something

50. Name 5 of your favourite albums ever
(question 50 was missing, so I’ve added my own)

1. x by Ed Sheeran

2. Doo Wops and Hooligans by Bruno Mars
3. Fools and Worthless Liars by Deaf Havana
4. Chaos and the Calm by James Bay
5. Rockferry by Duffy
I have tagged these lovely ladies (you should also go and check them all out!)
Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x
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Liebster Awards: Get To Know New Bloggers

Hello there, something slightly different coming to you today. This past week Emily at That Autumn Girl nominated me to answer 11 questions in the Liebster award tag as a way to get to know other new bloggers. I think this is a really great idea because, as we all know, starting out as a blogger isn’t easy!

The rules of this tag are:

  1. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you.
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers (with under 200 followers)
  3. Ask your nominees 11 questions.
  4. Let them know you nominated them!


  1. Where in the world do you want to travel to? I cannot lie, I have a really really big desire to go to Disneyworld but I also would love to go to Iceland to experience its unbelievable natural hot springs and (hopefully) see the northern lights!
  2. What is your favourite book? My favourite book is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It has a very nostalgic meaning to me and I just think it has a great message behind it
  3. What are some goals you have? I’m going into my final year at uni so I want to achieve at least a 2:1. I want to stay motivated to carry on with my bullet journal and my blog into 2018 and beyond. A very unrealistic goal I have (probably more of a dream) is to go to the Tony awards one day (it just looks so fun!)
  4. What is the reason why you started blogging? I have always looked in on the blogging community from a distance but never thought I’d be a good/interesting enough writer to be a part of it but this year I plucked up the courage to get involved! I also am one of those people that needs to be occupied 24/7 and blogging felt like a greta way to keep busy.
  5. What is or was your favourite subject in school? I’ve always been an arty person but strangely enough my favourite subject at school used to be maths (until I got to A levels that is then it pretty much became a new language)
  6. What is your favourite song at the moment? My current favourite song is Candle by All Our Exes Live in Texas.
  7. Do you have any pets? I was lucky enough to grow up with a gorgeous black Labrador who sadly passed away earlier this year but now I am saving up to get myself a little corgi puppy as soon as I can!
  8. Do you have any other hobbies? If I’m not blogging then I’m designing something and if I’m not doing that then I’m probably eating or sleeping (most likely eating)
  9. What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? (I love breakfast food omg) my dream breakfast is a lemon and sugar pancake but you can never go wrong with a good bowl of cereal as long as it comes with a cup of tea.
  10. What is your favourite color? Probably pink because I think it’s beautiful whether it’s pastel, muted or neon bright.


  1. If you had to have 3 celebrities to dinner who would they be?
  2. What song do you know all the lyrics to?
  3. Where in the world would you like to live?
  4. What do you want to achieve from blogging?
  5. What’s been the best day of your life so far?
  6. 3 things that make you smile
  7. Whats your favourite animal?
  8. What’s your favourite Disney film?
  9. How would you describe your style of blog?
  10. What is your favourite quote?
  11. If you had to pick one…book or film?

To answer these questions I tag: (even though they aren’t all strictly under 200 followers I still wanted to include them)

  1. Alicia at UnderBeautyS
  2. Gabriella at Lvdgabriella
  3. Emily at estaylorblog
  4. Lauren at HotOffTheGloss
  5. Bold Naivete at Bold_naivete
  6. Waldorf Dreams at waldorf_Dreams
  7. Honey & Bea at honeyandbea
  8. Kate at oh_kaeblog
  9. Mia at mmessylife
  10. Becky at BeckyRichBlog
  11. Rumaanah at ruminvtes

But please feel free to answer them yourself! I would love to read your answers so leave your blog post below 🙂 I am so glad I decided to start blogging because I have never felt so welcomed into any community before!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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