4. What made you want to go traveling?

Scrolling instagram every morning on the commute into London and seeing people eating pastries in French cafes, lying under palm trees on a Bali beach and riding a moped around Thailand, it can be hard not to have fomo! Before I had anything booked, I made a long list of places I had seen on Instagram and travel blogs that I wanted to go to and then built my dream trip around that. Here are a few of my favourite travel bloggers that will definitely make you want to buy a one way ticket around the world…

Twins that Travel

Claire and Laura are the reason I turned Out of Tea Bags into a travel blog to begin with and it is because of them that I want to document all my upcoming adventures. Their story-telling style of blogging makes you feel like you have been to places that you have never even heard of and their Instagram stories, that cover everything from Colin the Caterpillar cakes to hedgehogs, will make you feel like you’ve been friends for life. They have recently started their own female-only tours to places that can be intimidating to go as a solo female traveler. Added that to the travel bucket list for sure!

Beth Sandland

I clearly remember sitting on my nans sofa and watching Beths Instagram story summarising her tour of South East Asia with the Dragon Tour and thinking “that is what I want to do!” The very next day I went online and booked myself a space on the tour! I love the fact that she shows you the realities of travelling, as well as all the highs, and really gets across the point that traveling is a personal experience and it is okay to put yourself first even if it goes against the group. She takes the pressure of perfection out of traveling yet still maintains a beautiful Instagram feed that will have you searching sky scanner quicker than you can say Sandland!

Brogan Tate

Although Brogan didn’t go to Camp America she did go on a Trek America tour that had me desperate to go state side! I have always been cautious of group travel, in case I don’t get along with the others in the group, but Brogans vlogs reminded me that the most important part of a trip is the experience not the people and her strength and honesty in her trip inspired me to go on my own american adventure! After watching her Disney vlogs I am also going to do my best to sneak a short trip to Florida in!

Ellie Quinn

Ellie is the queen of solo female travel and she is definitely my inspiration behind doing this whole thing alone. Asia can be quite a daunting continent for girls going alone but Ellie takes that fear away and proves that, as long as you keep your wits about you, every country has beauty to be explored. Her blog is filled with great travel tips, from what to pack to what to do if you get an ill tummy abroad, as well as detailed itineraries on what to do when you reach your destination. She is also running tours of India which I hope to go on one day!

Sister Sister Travels

I have already printed off their guides to Australia to take with me! They have day-by-day diaries of what they got up to that you can either copy completely or take inspiration from to build your own travel plans around. Camilla and Natalie have the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed I have ever seen and is the perfect thing to scroll down if you know you want a holiday but don’t know where. Be careful though, you might have a quick browse and end up on a month tour in a van visiting every lake in Europe!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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