The products that saved my skin

DSCF4127-2.jpgEver since I turned 11 I have had acne. Granted with age it did seem to get better but I was still burdened with endless amounts of spots even after I left my teen years. I had tried everything under the sun (including the sun) to try and get rid of them but nothing was working for me longterm. Last November I took it upon myself to really crack down and sort my skin out. I invested in some Kiehls products which did seem to help eliminate the spots that were on my face but it didn’t stop new ones from arriving. At this point I had had enough and made an appointment at the doctors.

I had previously been put on Roaccutane but only managed a week because it made me feel so anxious and dizzy all the time. After explaining this to my doctor she decided to put me on some antibiotics and 2 creams, one for the evening and one for the night. I began using them all but found the antibiotics made me feel really sick and made my skin painfully dry so I decided to persevere with just the creams. I am so glad I did. Coming up to 4 months later I have had no real breakouts in weeks and am only left with small scars and some redness which are both easily covered up. I try not to wear much make up anymore but finally feel confident enough to do that thanks to all of these products….(none of this is sponsored, I just cannot rave enough about how much they have all changed my skin)



Prescribed Creams – As I mentioned I went to the doctors and they prescribed me 2 creams to use (Duac in the morning and Differin in the evening). These obviously can’t be bought over the counter but I thought it would still be helpful to mention them in case you wanted to ask your doctor about them. I only use about a pea size of each after I have washed my face and they are miracle creams. They do dry your skin out quite a lot and in the first couple of days the sensitive areas of my skin stung a bit but I believe that is how they clear the acne (by drying out the bacteria) and stop it from returning. You can apply normal moisturiser over the top of them if your skin is feeling too painfully dry.

Kiehls Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment – Even though it is very rare now that I will get a big spot I am not immune to them. As soon as I feel one coming I will layer it up with a tiny bit of this cream, in the morning and the evening, and within 2 days the spot will be gone. This really does dry out your skin so be sure to use it sparingly and expect a few dry patches but I would chose that over a mountain size spot any day!

SOS Solution for Scars – I actually learnt about this product through a Katie Snooks vlog and thought I would give it a try myself. As previously stated my skin is now left with a lot of acne scars from when I used to pick spots (I hate my past self) and I didn’t want to add oils, like bio oil, onto my face because I was more focused on clearing my acne. So far this cream is working quite well. I have found a major improvement on my temples and cheeks but my forehead still seems to be a problem. *To be fair I have so many scars on my forehead I think it might be past saving.* I just massage it into my skin after I have used my prescribed creams and it literally seems to push the scars off my skin – magical!


Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water – After a long night out or a day at uni all I want to do is get any make up off my face and this is always what I reach for. It is such a quick an easy step to get most of the make up off and this specific one is tailored for skin that is prone to imperfections. What more could you want! I just put a bit on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. It is also really refreshing to do on a sunny day or after a work out if you want to cleanse the sweat away (how lovely)

Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser – I knew that the prescribed creams were going to be quite harsh on my skin so I wanted a cleanser that would clean my skin but not load it with other chemicals. I find this cleanser leaves my skin feeling fresh and helps to put a bit more life back into it seeing as the creams can make it quite dull. I use it every morning and night and then just rinse off with some warm water. Plus who doesn’t love a bit of foam – it is so satisfying! DSCF4136-2.jpg

There we have it. All the saving graces that have finally started to clear my acne after 10 years! I will carry on using them until the prescribed creams run out and then I can always do an update a bit later on down the line if that is something that you all would like!

Let me know your favourite skin care products and if you have any questions please ask them below

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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