Who doesn’t want to find chocolate under the tree?

DSCF3552-2.jpgThere is no better combination in the world than Christmas and chocolate! That’s why, when the lovely people at Hotel Chocolat said they would send me over some stocking stuffers to try, I could not be happier. Every year they bring out a range of festive goodies that make your mouth water like a kid in a candy store (which in this case is actually very relevant) and all of it would make an amazing pièce de résistance to your stocking.  Hotel Chocolat are also currently doing a deal on some of their stocking stuffers where you can get 3 or more for £6 each so what better time to stock up. Now I know that you can also pop to poundland and get lots of packs of £1 chocolates, which may be a better option for if you’re bulk buying for family/friends, but if you really want to treat someone special and add a luxurious touch to their stocking then Hotel Chocolat is the place to go! I will add in here that they sent me these sweet treats but this is not a sponsored post and every opinion is my own. Blogger bit over now back to the chocolate!

A Dozen Portly PenguinsDSCF3539-2.jpg

How adorable! Seriously. How adorable are these little guys! These Portly penguins are milk chocolate with chubby little white chocolate bellies. I have come to discover that they are the perfect size to melt on top of a biscuit with some marshmallows to create some yummy instant smores. Of course they are equally as delicious on their own and even though their little faces do make you feel a bit guilty for scoffing them down, they won’t last in the packet for long I can guarantee that! They can be found here.

Chocolate Christmas Tree Baubles DSCF3534-2.jpg

Do you remember those days when you used to hang little chocolates onto your tree and then try and sneak them off to eat whenever your parents weren’t looking? Maybe that was just me but these little chocolate baubles really brought back some old memories of christmas for me. This set is perfect for those people in your life who like a bit of selection as the baubles come in milk, white and dark chocolate. They are solid on the outside and then filled with the smoothest, richest chocolate filling I have tasted in a long time, definitely one for those people who like to savour their chocolates! They can be found here.

Chocolate Snowman Tiddly Pot – WhiteDSCF3549-2.jpg

This one would be perfect for all the little children you have in your life! Inside this adorable tiddly pot, perfect for little fingers, there is a mountain of mini white chocolate buttons. Also perfect for adding on top of hot chocolates or inside cookies! Hotel Chocolat have a whole range of different flavours in these tiddly pots, each with cute decorations on the front, and I think it would make a great gift on its own or even as a set of 3 or 4 that your loved one can then pick and choose between. They can be found here.

DSCF3505-2.jpgGo and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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I grew up in a small English town just south of London with my parents and older brother. I was a very inquisitive child, with a love for dogs and a strong belief that I was a Disney character. None of that has changed, now I just have a greater appreciation for a good cup of tea (one sugar and a lil bit of milk) I am currently a second year graphic design student at Norwich University of the Arts and still learning my way through life. This blog is a chance for you to relax, grab a cup of tea and learn along with me.

6 thoughts on “Who doesn’t want to find chocolate under the tree?”

  1. I literally visited Hotel Chocolat after seeing your blog and bought self two of the tiddly pots – the Penguin caramel one and the Reindeer milk choc one. Only tried the caramel one which is okay but I think the little pots are adorable.

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      1. The caramel ones aren’t brilliant. I thought they’d have caramel inside (like Cadbury Nibbles) but the chocolate is caramel flavoured. Not bad but not what I expected. The little penguin pot is super cute though haha.

        Liked by 1 person

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