20 things I’ve learnt in 20 years 

Seeing as this week is my 6 month unbirthday I decided to think about how much has changed over my life and what I have learnt from it. I thought I would make a list of 20 things that, through one way or another, I have learnt in the past 20 years MGYW2128 (1).jpg

  1. proper preparation prevents piss poor performance
  2. eat that chocolate bar and don’t you dare feel guilty about it
  3. ignoring a problem does not fix it
  4. make time for family no matter what else you’ve got going on in your life
  5. jealousy is dangerous
  6. a cup of tea won’t make everything better but it’s a bloody good place to start
  7. sometimes all you need is a bit of fresh air
  8. not all boys suck but those that do are not worth your time
  9. pick up your phone and call your friends occasionally (don’t just send a text)
  10. don’t let anyone tell you you can’t
  11. get changed everyday (even if it is just into another pair of pyjamas)
  12. gratitude is so important
  13. failure isn’t the falling over it’s the not getting back up again
  14. walk into every room with a smile
  15. stroke as many dogs as you can
  16. if you want something go out and earn it or save for it
  17. accept that not everyone has the same views as you and that’s not a bad thing
  18. you’re never to old for anything
  19. you can never say I love you too many times
  20. you’re not perfect and that is okay!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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I grew up in a small English town just south of London with my parents and older brother. I was a very inquisitive child, with a love for dogs and a strong belief that I was a Disney character. None of that has changed, now I just have a greater appreciation for a good cup of tea (one sugar and a lil bit of milk) I am currently a second year graphic design student at Norwich University of the Arts and still learning my way through life. This blog is a chance for you to relax, grab a cup of tea and learn along with me.

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