July (Disney) Bullet Journal Layout

In all seriousness where did June go? This time I am back with another bullet journal layout and for the month of July I have decided to go with a bit of a Disney theme because well why not! (plus I ordered this really cool new Disney washi tape that I had to justify spending £5 on by using!) DSCF2197.jpgI used my grey Leuchtturm 1917 journal as well as the washi tape I mentioned above. Simply because I couldn’t resist the cuteness, I also used this tsum tsum sticker book to add a little magic to my daily spreads (see what I did there).DSCF2195.jpgDSCF2188I kept the monthly overview the same as June (I just find it works the best for me.) I use the calendar on the left for important dates like birthdays and anniversaries and then the space on the right is used to add in other important dates that I feel need a bit more explanation/detail. In the future dates space I will put in any events that I need to remember for future months that I can add in as I go along. I love how bright this washi tape is and the fact that it has Eeyore and Stitch as some of the main focus of it makes me love it even more. DSCF2196.jpgDSCF2189.jpg

Last month my weekly spreads were quite spacious so for this month I wanted to try something a bit more boxy and structured. I created a post-it-note like box for each day of the week that I will fill with to-do lists as well as any fun memories from the day. I still wanted it to be light and pretty though so I just used flowy handwriting to add in the days. To mark which week I am in I will change the number at the top. Now for the fun part, to the corner of each box I added in an adorable tsum tsum sticker of characters that I love and then just added in some extra stickers because I couldn’t resist!

That’s another month all ready to fill up with memories! I will be spending all of July doing a Graphic Design internship (blog posts coming!) How are you spending July?

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

If you want to have a peak at my June layout then check it out here!

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I grew up in a small English town just south of London with my parents and older brother. I was a very inquisitive child, with a love for dogs and a strong belief that I was a Disney character. None of that has changed, now I just have a greater appreciation for a good cup of tea (one sugar and a lil bit of milk) I am currently a second year graphic design student at Norwich University of the Arts and still learning my way through life. This blog is a chance for you to relax, grab a cup of tea and learn along with me.

28 thoughts on “July (Disney) Bullet Journal Layout”

  1. Love Eeyore and Stitch! And also love your bullet journal layout! ❤️ I’ve always wanted to try bullet journaling, but I couldn’t really bring myself to do it… My July would probably focus more on studying, what a bummer.

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  2. This is so neat!! You have amazing penmanship, Em. I’ve never thought about making my own planner like this, this is so creative and fun!! I can’t wait to see the August one because I’m seriously smitten by this.

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