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As I was browsing through different blogs I came across a Disney tag on the lovely EarsAndDoleWhip’s blog. Now what blogger can resist a tag? Especially when it’s about the magic that is Disney!

  1. Favourite scene in a princess movie? This one has changed over the years, it used to be the Kiss the Girl scene in the Little Mermaid but now nothing will ever beat the lantern scene in Tangled, absolutely stunning animation
  2. Last Disney movie you watched? When I watch Disney films I usually have a binge and watch a few but I believe that the last one I watched was 101 Dalmatians or Lilo & Stitch
  3. Is your family Disney obsessed? I wouldn’t go as far as to say they don’t like Disney but lets just say I wear the ears in my family (if you pardon the pun)
  4. How many times have you visited the Parks? I have been to DisneyWorld once and DisneyLand about 3 times I believe but, if the saving goes to plan, I will hopefully be back in the parks next year.
  5. Which Park is your favourite? Out of the ones I have visited I believe that DisneyWorld is the best because it has more parks and therefore more places to experience the magic but I have heard California is meant to be great.
  6. Cinderella’s Castle or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? I would have to go with Sleeping Beauty’s castle simply because it appears in my favourite opening Disney film sequence.
  7. Favourite animal-themed movie? If it counts then I would say the Winnie the Pooh movies because Eeyore is a favourite of mine but I also have a close connection to Dumbo because it is the first Disney film I ever remember watching. (and the lion king because the songs are unbeatable and lilo & stitch and there are just too many!)
  8. Would you get married/have your honeymoon in the Parks? Not that I wouldn’t do either but personally I would love my first experience of Disney, with my future husband, to be when I bring my children to the parks for the first time.
  9. If you could date one of the characters, who would it be and why? I have always had a crush on Prince Eric, call me what you want but he is dreamy and you cannot deny that!
  10. Favourite villain? This is a running thing in my family because when Ursula becomes human she is called Vanessa, which coincidently is my mums name so I think that, and her sass regarding body language, will always make Ursula my favourite villain.
  11. If you could have two characters from two different movies meet, who would they be and why? I would have Tiana from the princess and the frog meet up with Gaston because I feel like she would put him in his place
  12. Have you ever met any of the characters at the Parks? Even though I don’t explicitly remember meeting any characters as I was always really young when we went to the park I do have 2 full autograph books that evidence I did meet quite a few! You can be sure though that next time I go to the parks I will be meeting as many as I can again.
  13. Favourite live-action Disney movie? The live action jungle book is just simply beautiful but Mary Poppins will always be my favourite classic live action Disney film because Dick Van Dyke is just wonderful!
  14. Mickey or Minnie? Thats like asking tea or biscuits? Both are good on their own but only really work together!
  15. Which Disney movie is overrated?  Maybe its because I missed the opportunity to dress up like Elsa in my every day life (like I would as a child) but I do feel that Frozen was over-hyped slightly.
  16. Favourite Pixar movie? Up or Monsters Inc, both make me cry uncontrollably!
  17. Favourite sidekick? This is a tough one because there are so many good ones but I would say either the Genie from Aladdin or Maximus from Tangled.
  18. Favourite Disney movie and why? I am going to have to go with Hercules. It has catchy songs, a hilarious villain, a leading lady that can stand on her own 2 feet and a sassy goat…what more could you want!

So there we have it! I would love to know your answers so if you do the tag be sure to leave a link to it below. Time to go put on a Hercules and remember why I love it as much as I do!

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Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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I grew up in a small English town just south of London with my parents and older brother. I was a very inquisitive child, with a love for dogs and a strong belief that I was a Disney character. None of that has changed, now I just have a greater appreciation for a good cup of tea (one sugar and a lil bit of milk) I am currently a second year graphic design student at Norwich University of the Arts and still learning my way through life. This blog is a chance for you to relax, grab a cup of tea and learn along with me.

41 thoughts on “Disney tag”

  1. I agree Frozen is slightly over hyped. There just so many better Disney movies that need recognition. I have yet to watch Hercules. I’ve been planning it for so long but never had the chance. Guess that’s what I’m watching tonight xx

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  2. I really enjoyed this post! Disney is my childhood! I really enjoyed the lantern scene from Tangled also! Really like Monsters Inc as well. Boo is my favourite animated character. Great tag! AnnieChanie

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  3. I loved thiss!! Especially the bit about Tiana putting Gaston in his place haha, I would love to see that! Also, I agree with you, Frozen is overrated. I’m still going to ride the ride at Disney World though hahaha.

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  4. All the love for Winnie the Pooh & I adore the lantern scene as well! Now that I think about it, I really want to watch Tangled again. Lastly, this tag made me want to visit Disneyland even more than before xxx

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  5. Maybe I’m a bit late coming across this one, but it’s simply amazing and I am so eager to do it, too! Your post has been such a fun to read you have inspired me! 🙂

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